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sparbs completes 60 days online
Sparbs HYIP celebrates 60 days online adding two more systems: Testimonials and Representative. Learn about the performance and growing popularity of the
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Sparbs HYIP celebrates 60 days online adding two more systems: Testimonials and Representative. Learn about the performance and growing popularity of the project within last 30 days.

Sparbs HYIP has published the 60 days online earning report congratulating all members on completing two months online. The project has been growing greatly attracting far more and more investors and those interested about the investment plans and depositing plans into the project. The project has been upgrading constantly and here below is a short overview of the latest updates made. For a start there is a statement saying more and more investors join the project and invest funds into Sparbs. The members are supporting the project promoting it on blogs, social networks and forums. The admin appreciates that and thanks every memb er for the support and trust.

Speaking about the achievements made by the Sparbs project since its launch we should talk about 1770 signups completed, moreover the number rised significantly within last 15 days, which is also a proof of increasing popularity of the project. The total deposit amount made within 60 days online is $91746.81 and once again the number has been rising within last decade. As stated in the newsletter one of the main reasons for the project to be enjoying wide popularity is the amazing easy-to-get-started investment program and fantastic customer support.

Speaking about new features added, two main improvements should be mentioned: "Testimonials" section and "Representative" system have been launched. The Testimonals page gives opportunity to view the reports from the customers concerning their own personal experience in using the program and deposit history. It is upon the potential investors right to choose whether to trust these testimonials or not. In any case the new page is worth taking a good look.

The Representative system allows joining members from all over the world to the list of active regional representatives and in such a way help the project grow and earn money from the representative performance. The main advantage of being a representative is increased referral bonus. The requirements for applying to the position of regional representative are as follows: sending your authentic username, e-mail address, SKYPE ID, Facebook account (if you have any), and telephone number (if available) to the e-mail address:

The customer care service works 24/7. In case any question or complaint occurs there is a chance to contact the support via the live chat or via the facebook page or just open a ticket. The Sparbs team thanks all members for the support and congratulates everyone on completing 60 days online.

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