Updated: 10/25/2014 17:33
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Payza has recently become very userfriendly. The team constantly updates members on the latest achievements and new features added. The latest update...

Payza has recently become very user-friendly. The team constantly updates members on the latest achievements and new features added. The latest update from Payza is not an exception. As claimed by the admin of Payza, they are on the road to full integration of Bitcoin deposit feature from Payza e-wallets. As reported in the latest news, the new feature is supposed to give opportunity for instant Bitcoin deposit to Payza wallets. Apart from that, it's been announced that fees for selling Bitcoins are removed, while the exchange of Bitcoin to USD is completed on the competitive rate in real-time mode.

The Payza official blog gives step-by-step tutorial on how to enable the Bitcoin deposit feature on the Payza account. Here are some most important points about it below:

- Inside your account click on the Add Funds tabs and then select Bitcoin
- Enter the amount of bitcoins you would like to deposit, note the current exchange rate will be displayed for you
- Confirm the details and send the Bitcoin to Payza

Please keep in mind, as soon as you enter the Transaction PIN and confrim the details of the transaction the one-time Bitcoin Address and the QR code will be provided to you. This address and the code should be sent to Payza. The important notice is that one transaction code should be used for one deposit only, not for the multiple transactions. Also remember if you don't send the transaction code to Payza within an hour after the deposit is made it will be cancelled by Payza.

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