Updated: 11/14/2014 10:21
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latest hyipnews digest november 14 2014
Another news digest is published on the pages of, covering the latest news from the HYIP programs within last two days. For a start,...
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Another news digest is published on the pages of, covering the latest news from the HYIP programs within last two days. For a start,...

Another news digest is published on the pages of, covering the latest news from the HYIP programs within last two days. For a start, there is an update from Rocozo Transport. The program has been suffering DDoS attacks. The admin in his turn worries about that and apologizes to the members. Part of payouts has been made yesterday, other requests will be completed once possible.In case you pushed the request button more than once for any reasons, you should cancel all the requests and make the new one.

Future Stocks has reported about enabling the public chat for the customers, where every member can share personal experience of working with the program live. Apart from that the admin of the project has announced video contest, where one can earn $100. The tasks for the contest are simple. One should create any video about Future Stocks, then upload it on Youtube and mail to the support e-mail of the project. The video should explain the main idea about what Future Stocks is, how to sign-up, deposit and withdraw funds. There are certain restrictions for the contest participants. One person can only upload one video in any language preferred. The contest will last till November 18. The same date winner will be announced.

The admin of Raisean gladly reports translation of the website to seven languages is done. All little drawbacks have been fixed. The special attention is also taken to the procedure of becoming official representatives of Raisean in your region. It is getting easier now. One can offer live language, the website can be presented at and make the translation of all the sections. Good money is paid for the localization. The next version is Polish. We are expecting it.

The Linberger HYIP has started the 3rd investment cycle. the program is paying on daily basis and upon the plan expiry. In both cases the investment period is 12 days. At HYIPNews, Linberger is listed for 25 days, so it's really the third cycle, which started yesterday. For those willing to join the project, the admin reminds of the basic terms: concerning the deposits, all deposits are final, the interest rates are not changed. Another rule is inability to reinvest automatically as the current cycle completes. One should withdraw and then deposit back, no other chances are possible in this aspect. And finally the payout details should be included in your profile as a must. If not, the admin will not be able top approve your requests.

The admin ofVentraViaOil has reported about the number of more than 300 members, who officially joined the project, who deposited more than $50K. It's been noticed that project is getting more interest from forums and listing sites, who are willing to locate the project and rate it. Things go well enough, as the admin says.

The admin of Fixed Income Finance looks rather optimistic. He claims 65 days is just the beginning. He is ok with the Alexa Rank (global rank = 87783), the deposits of more than $6mln. and withdrawal of nearly $5mln. The British members are assumed to take advantage of using the phone support. The Americans should wait a bit.

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