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Update (Feb 12, 2015, 17:18): The Blue Diamond Trade HYIP, which used to be listed at HYIPNews for 90 days has started to experience troubles. The...

Update (Feb 12, 2015, 17:18): The Blue Diamond Trade HYIP, which used to be listed at HYIPNews for 90 days has started to experience troubles. The project has been assigned with the PROBLEM status and accordingly moved close to the blacklist. Stay aways from investing to this HYIP for now.

Let's see if there are many news updates from the HYIPs online since recently. Actually there are some and we are pleased to deliver them at your attention, dear customers. First of all the admin of HipsterInvest reported the integration of the Russian language version of the website. The admin of the project keeps on promoting it. Apart from adding the Russian localization, both Russian and English speaking resources are constantly added as the promotional tools.

Andy, the admin of BTPerfex thanks all members for the great support provided to the project. He claims the program is currently the most popular and profitable investment site since the beginning of 2015. Which is why being loyal to the customers, Andy reminds all not to forget posting payment proofs on popular forums and blogs as well as not to forget voting on listing sites. Active referral activity is also highly appreciated.

The CashGenBot HYIP was only launched some days ago. HYIPNews does not list this HYIP yet, though the program is interested in the number of news updates issued within just one day and the speed the team of the project integrates new updates with. Nearly immediately after the program launch there comes the notification saying Skype Chat was added. The Skype Username to find is 'cashgenbot'.

Nearly some hours later the members of CashGenBot have received another piece of news saying about best efforts taken to make the program one of the best online. Apart from some words of loyalty, there has been a word about some contest to be launched soon. Basically the project seems to have lots of plans. Let's see how it grows further on. They have also updated the 103% after 1 day plan and made the minimum deposit accepted to be $5 now.

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