Updated: 02/16/2015 18:53
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bitc1 progress and representative program
Learn about the performance, the growth and raising popularity of BITC1. See the details about the representative program launched
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Learn about the performance, the growth and raising popularity of BITC1. See the details about the representative program launched

The BITC1 HYIP has been online for 225 days. Nearly all this time it has been spending enough funds for advertising and promoting the HYIP. Several weeks it has been Sticky listed listed at HYIPNews, the HYIP is listed on top positions on major monitoring sites including the, where BITC1 is a part of Top Choice section again. All in all the fact is true, BITC1 is currently gaining more and more popularity online and as the result far more and more people get registered to the HYIP daily from all around the world.

Within a more than 225 days online the number of members is reported to be more than 14050. The monitoring rankings are going up thanks to using a more aggressive advertising strategy. The essential part of this strategy is voting on monitoring sites, and the latest newsletter invites every investor to vote for the project, posting the payment proofs, both on forums and monitors.

The growth of popularity raised the number of questions and requests sent to the support of BITC1 asking about the opportunity to become the regional representative of the program. As the number of such requests grew, the management got closer to the decision to give this opportunity to the partners, interested in promoting the project and earning solid passive income. Regional representatives are going to play a very important role in marketing and support areas.

Ultimately the admin is happy to announce the regional representative program is finally available at BITC1. Anyone interested may apply by sending the following information to Your Country: Your Name: Your Username in the Program: Your E-mail: Your Language Spoken: Your Skype: Your Facebook: Your Tel. Number if it available. The responsibilities of the representatives are as follows: consulting clients on the services of the company; attracting new customers to the company; holding regional advertising campaigns; organizing training seminars (optional).

There is also a reminder in the newsletter about the open "Referral Contest". For every downline, who makes one-time deposit of $2,001.00 and more you will get additional bonus 3% from every such deposit. Also if you bring more than 5 active investors with deposit more than $501, you will get Extra bonus $100. BEing a regional representative this task gets far simpler.

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