Updated: 04/14/2015 09:52
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largewallet hacked and closed
The LargeWallet HYIP closed and hacked just one day after its launch, after a series of unprofessional steps taken by the HYIP admin
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The LargeWallet HYIP closed and hacked just one day after its launch, after a series of unprofessional steps taken by the HYIP admin

The new program added to HYIPNews listing one day ago, LargeWallet, has suddenly stopped its work. The admin of this HYIP posted a notice instead of the main page saying that the website was hacked and all the funds were stolen from the Perfect Money account. For now he is telling about quitting from the HYIP industry forever getting into the real life job. Here are some more details about the reasons that caused the website being hacked and the complete notice, which currently appears on the mainpage of the LargeWallet HYIP:

"I am very sorry for the very fast closure of LargeWallet. Yesterday when I was outside for few hours, someone hacked LargeWallet and stole all the money in my PerfectMoney account. I have no idea how he did it, but most likely it's because the VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) I used for LargeWallet doesn't have exactly the same security like a real dedicated server. To tell the truth, I wanted to purchase a real dedicated server but DDOS-Guard (the hosting provider) told me that all their dedicated servers are out of stock now and suggested me to buy that VDS. Anyway, I lost all my money because of that hacker and with this said, I am leaving HYIP industry forever. Unfortunately, this is an extremely bad news to all investors because they know that I am the best and most professional admin in this area and now they are losing me forever. Please note that the hacking situation was totally unexpected and I actually planned to run LargeWallet for at least 45 days. Now I will have to find a job in real life as soon as possible and continue without being HYIP admin anymore. ;(
LargeWallet Admin"

Obviously that is an excellent example of some highly unprofessional approach towards running as HYIP program. Every experienced admin and investor knows about high security risks in the sphere of high yield investments, which is why before launching any website one needs to take all appropriate steps for securing the funds, the server and the website to the utmost. Without these measures taken, it may end the same way it did with the LargeWallet HYIP. Stay wise and beware of fraudsters, dear customers!

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