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c 7 milestones achieved
C-7 completes 515 days online with flying colors, new exchangers announced, ROI growth and latest news from the program described
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C-7 completes 515 days online with flying colors, new exchangers announced, ROI growth and latest news from the program described

The C-7, Sticky listed at HyipNews, the hyip reviewed by HYIPNews.com, has issued the informative newsletter marking the completion of 515 days online performance. As reported since the very beginning of the program around 600 millions of dollars have been paid out and nearly 65 thousands of clients were satisfied. Such good results were possible thanks to the unique strategy based on the work of C-7 through the trading companies, which carry out their transactions in the stock market, traditional currencies market and in the arising cryptocurrency trading market.

Speaking about the latest results there has been a great ROI achieved due to the last Bitcoin price runup, which allowed the company to earn and pay out more than $200mln. As the huge profit was achieved the management of C-7 has been able to beat the odds and improve the investment plans making them mor attractive.

C-7 has reported abotu the start of cooperation with some new exchangers, Mexbt (https://mexbt.com), BitFlyer (https://bitflyer.jp), Kraken (http://kraken.com), ItBit (https://www .itbit.com), EXMO (http://exmo.com) due to the consecutive development of capital control strategy, based on the successful trading directions developed by various companies in all available and most profitable markets at once.

Bringing the investment capital to new Bitcoin markets, C-7 got an access to the wide range of hi-tech and stable solutions which allow to make guaranteed high profitable income from trading. The C-7 company is designated to eliminate barriers between the capital and business processes which can make really high profit for a private capital. That is the reason, as claimed, why no additional documents are required for making a deposit olr withdrawals. Besides the investment plans are available to anyone online with no restrictions or limitations.

C-7 company since the launch of the website has been officially presented in 40 countries. Nearly 10K people subscribed to receive updates through the social networks. The team of the project is hence very grateful for the support and trust of the customers. As the response the entire team of C-7 is workign hard to make the project an ultimate leader of high-yield industry in the future.

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