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royaltrust deposit option video review
RoyalTrust Freedom deposit option introduced along with the extra money-making opportunity to get paid for creating the as video review of the project
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RoyalTrust Freedom deposit option introduced along with the extra money-making opportunity to get paid for creating the as video review of the project

The management of RoyalTrust has issued the update to the members explaining the details of the new deposit option, available from recently. "Freedom" option allows taking back the initial deposit back any time. The rules to use the new deposit are simple. One should follow them to proceed with the principal return smoothly. The main restriction about the Freedom option is that old investors won't be affected by that. At the same time, whenever old investors make a new deposit they become eligible for taking the benefits of the "Freedom" deposit option.

Another thing is worth paying attention to. The interest, which is shown on the main page is applied for both the "Stability" and "Freedom" investment plans. The investment rate varies from 1% to 3.5% on business days and becomes fixed at weekends (1%). Depositing to Freedom plan can be made directly from the member area where "Freedom" investment plan can be chosen.

The deposit becomes active once it is completed. One can check for it in the "My Deposits" section. There you can also withdraw profit, pressing the "Release" button. According to the terms of the program withdrawing the initial deposit may take up to 24 hours to Perfect Money, Payeer, Payza, and BitCoin. As for the maximum return, which can be paid according to the terms of "Freedom" plan is 180%, which means if the interest from your investment reaches 80%, your principal will be automatically added to your account balance.

Another update posted by the admin of RoyalTrust refers to another opportunity available for earning money by making a video review of the project. The main topics of the video review should be as follows: 1. What is, and what our "Stability" and "Freedom" investment plans are; 2. How to register and properly use an account; 3. How to request your initial deposit back from deposits into the “Freedom” plan; 4. And something else that you believe is important to highlight.

Every video created is rewarded with $20 in case it covers all four main topics given above. In any case before you attempt to make a video it is strongly recommended to contact the support and check if there is an empty slot for the video. Once th econfirmation from the support is received, you can proceed with that.

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