Updated: 07/20/2015 14:09
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c 7 representatives plans
C-7 experiences delays with approving representative requests, hires staff to speed the process up, admin dwells upon the future plans of the company
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C-7 experiences delays with approving representative requests, hires staff to speed the process up, admin dwells upon the future plans of the company

Some more news has been reported by the team of C-7 HYIP, Sticky listed at HYIPNews. The updated informs that during the previous week the website's representatives page has not been updated. The reason to that, which was was given as the explanation is that recently there have been more than 70 requests to become a regional representative and obviously it was hard to process every request on time properly.

By now all the requests have been processed and representative page has been updated accordingly. You can check it out. If you posted a request, check the C-7 website to see if your information was posted on the representative page. The admin of the project apologizes for the delay. To prevent similar issues in the future more staff is going to be hired in the coming days and the requests will be processed faster.

Apart from that while the representative requests have been approved, lots of questions from active regional representatives were delivered to the support of C-7. Particularly representatives wonder if it is possible to add more pay methods to the initial package of payment systems (PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin). In the nearest future as the admin responses no new payment methods will be applied, still the chance remains somewhen in the future there will be certain updates. The reason is that apart from those mentioned pay systems, other payment methods do not have speed and conditions necessary for completing proper transactions. Investors willing to make a deposit using credit cards will have to use Payeer or look for currency exchanges.

Another frequent question is concerning the C-7 development plans. Apart from growing stable quotation index status the admin declares, in the nearest 8.5 years, the company intends to perfect its strategy, find the most profitable businesses as many as possible, and control the new directions both online and offline. Also, opening offices instead of the representatives and starting a broader work with clients is also on the agenda. Additionally, it would be great to hold several conferences and make a regular international club somewhere.

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