Updated: 07/31/2015 13:40
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See the latest news from RoyalTrust reporting about accomplishing 46 days online and completing the milestones set earlier, regional representative
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See the latest news from RoyalTrust reporting about accomplishing 46 days online and completing the milestones set earlier, regional representative program

I would like to share the latest news from RoyalTrust HYIP, the admin of which issued the newsletter reporting about completing 46 days online. As the admin says from the very first day online up until now the company has been constantly making progress as an investment project and has established the brand as one of the top choices when it comes to online investments, mostly thanks to the lucrative investment portfolio and carefully coordinated worldwide marketing campaigns.

Upon completing the seventh week online, the membership community of the project expanded to 7K+ members, more than half of whom have made an investment and are profiting daily, with interest ranging from 1% to as much as 3.5% every day. Thanks to the wide spectrum of members from different parts of the world, the company has finally reached $1 mln. in total investment, which is a solid number considering such a short term online. Thanks to the effective investor support, the team of RoyalTrust is able to perform even better and provide customers with the higher daily interest they truly deserve.

Global recognition was one of the main goals set to be accomplished from the very first day online, and as the admin claims they have done so, mostly thanks to the Regional Representatives program, where you can reach out to get support from agents in your country. More than 50 agents from different countries and regions were added. The support provided by representatives is amazing and still new representatives are welcome to join, and earn 12% commission from referrals.

If you are willing to join the team via becoming a global agent, then you are welcome to do so. The rules are simple – you simply have to support RoyalTrust project in your region via marketing and customer consultation. To sign up, email your country, full name, username, languages you speak, email, phone number, and Skype/Yahoo/ICQ id to [email protected]. You will receive a response from the administrative department within 24 business hours.

After a few weeks online, the decision to allow initial deposit withdrawal anytime was taken. There are no time-frame restrictions or hidden fees within. Changes in the investment portfolio policy have allowed RoyalTrust to accelerate and reach the next level. As a result, increased interest from new participants has appeared, which allows the team to expand services outside of the regular online investment market.

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