Updated: 08/06/2015 15:52
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latest hyip news digest august 06 2015
See the latest news for the new investment plans added at Cryptocarat and temporal service interruption at Golden Lion in the news digest for August 06
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See the latest news for the new investment plans added at Cryptocarat and temporal service interruption at Golden Lion in the news digest for August 06

Some more news today are published in the news digest. Particularly there is an update from Cryptocarat Ltd, saying about adding two more investment VIP plans. The idea of the new plans is to have bigger profits within shorter period of time. VIP PLAN 1 - 400% AFTER 7 DAYS , PRINCIPLE INCLUDED and VIP PLAN 1 - 800% AFTER 14 DAYS, PRINCIPLE INCLUDED. The minimum deposits for the new plans are $100 and $250 accordingly. That is for sure quite an amount, which is why we would recommend to stay cautious about joining any of those new VIP plans. We are aware of the risk for the members to face any investment plan change or potential profit increase especially when we are talking of so young programs.

Seems that one more program is now closed. At least for two weeks as reported by the admin of Golden Lion, who said due to the security hole discovered on the website's script the services are temporally suspended, not less than two weeks until everything is fixed. For the HYIP industry 2 weeks is a far long term, so i can hardly believe Golden Lion will ever get back online. While the services are suspended, it's been mentioned the security issue didn't affect the e-currency accounts, though the deposits in Golden Lion are in danger.

At the same time, the admin states something like that couldn't happen for he never saved the account details in the script. It's been checked and all deposits are claimed to be safe. So far no new members are accepted, no new deposits and withdrawals can be processed either. Moreover, the website is reported to be down from time to time due to security maintenance. After all, Golden Lion is now very close to being announced as a scam program.

The Bintrade admin reports of the maintenance, which is in progress from 2 to 4 am (London time) on August 7. During the maintenance some difficulties may occur when entering your account. The team of the project claims to do all possible to complete the maintenance ASAP. The reason for holding the maintenance is to increase the security level of the services provided.

The admin of 120Profit reports the website is now back online, all pending withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours, as for the instant payouts, they will be re-enabled within 3 hours.

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