Updated: 08/07/2015 11:50
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latest hyip news digest august 07 2015
Read the news on Vbotrade missing payments, Beat6 adding Bitcoin, InvBasis launching Live Chat, new opportunity added by CrowdEarner, update
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Read the news on Vbotrade missing payments, Beat6 adding Bitcoin, InvBasis launching Live Chat, new opportunity added by CrowdEarner, update

Another news digest today starts with the update from Vbotrade. The admin of Vbotrade HYIP, listed at HYIPNews, reminds the customers to contact the support of the project immediately in case there are any missing Bitcoin payments. The thing is that that yesterday some bitcoin payments were rejected by, which is why the missing transactions should be sent to the clients today. The support of Vbotrade is now trying to contact Blockchain for assistance.

The admin of Beat6 informs of accepting BTC as a deposit option. The BTC deposits may take up to two hours to be reflected on your account but usually not longer than 10-20 minutes.

The InvBasis HYIP has earlier promised to launch the LiveChat for customers support. It's been done. The work time for the LiveChat is 10AM - 10PM GMT 7 days a week. Any questions that relate to the work of the website, your account details, or any other related may be discussed there. In case online support is not available, you can contact sending a traditional e-mail anytime.

CrowdEarner has been glad to announce the addition of the new investment opportunity: Grand Luxury Hotel In Havana, Cuba. The new investment is claimed to pay 3.24% Daily for 28 Days. Plus 60% of your Capital Back on expiration in 28 days making it a total of 150.72%. The share cost is is $4. The earnings are paid daily for 28 days. The Grand Hotel is added as the investment opportunity for the first time. This one really works well for since the relationship between Cuba and the rest of the world are getting improved, there are lots of business opportunities there opening up for everyone.

One of the most famous e-currency exchangers online, has updated the website with a new design. Apart from that the Exchange API allows building secure, automated digital and crypto currencies exchanges into your software/application. now exchanges Payeer, AdvCash, Dogecoin, Dash, Peercoin, Namecoin as well. In the future more options are planned to be added as well. The newsletter also says about the Exchange Widget that you can add to your website with a simple copy-paste action and exchanges can be made without visitors ever having to leave your page.

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