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Industry Power completes referral contest, launched two more due to multiple requests: posting contest and forum signature contest, winners drawn randomly
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Industry Power completes referral contest, launched two more due to multiple requests: posting contest and forum signature contest, winners drawn randomly

The Industry Power HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews for 69 days. However in the latest newsletter the admin reports the program has been online for 6 months. The milestone achieved looks great and there have been lots of achievements within this time. As of now the project looks forward to provide excellent services to the customers in the long-term perspective.

To mark the completion of 6 months online, Industry Power launches the first referral contest, where every member of the project is welcome to join. The contest started on August 4 and ended today on August 11, 2015. So the winners have been announced today:

1st Prize of $350 goes to samuel3 (Raden Jaya Baya)
2nd Prize of $150 goes to livini (Daniel Bright Cormier)

After receiving many emails from the members, asking if they can get actively engaged in promoting Industry Power the management of the project, neing satisfied with the gradual growth drew up an action plan, with the objective to involve members in actively promoting Industry Power and at the same time offering incentives in doing so.

So the second contest for all the members is now announced. It refers both to active and non-active members.

#1. Post, post, post! The essence of the contest is to post payment proofs for every payout from the project. The members are encouraged to vote on hyip monitors or on forums, chat rooms or Facebook page with a short payment notification. All you need to do is to post if you got paid by Industry Power in one of the public forums or monitors listed on the website. Include your username inside the post to becoma a part of the draw. There will be one main prize of $200 and three consolation prizes of $30 each. All prizes will be paid direct to your payment processor account.

#2. Forum signatures! This is claimed to be a great way to promote Industry Power, if you are a regular poster on public forums! Just add your Industry Power referral link to your signature and keep posting. In this case, it doesn't even matter for which program you're posting or if you have an active deposit with the project or not, you will always promote Industry Power as well! The banners for the signatures can be found in the back office, already made up with your referral link. One main prize is granted for the forum signature contest - $200 paid direct to your preferred payment processor account.

According to the terms of the contests, winners will be selected randomly. Closing date is August 25th which is 2 weeks from now and the winners will be announced on August, 26th.

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