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latest hyip news digest september 02 2015
Latest hyip news digest on WorldTradeFinance maintenance, 4Finance weekly newsletter, new payment options at CronexReturns, Cryptocarat, FxROI Limited
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Latest hyip news digest on WorldTradeFinance maintenance, 4Finance weekly newsletter, new payment options at CronexReturns, Cryptocarat, FxROI Limited

Here below you can see the overview of the latest and most important news from the hyips online in the news digest. We shall start with the notification from the admin of WorldTradeFinance sent one day ago about the temporary maintenance of the website due to the server upgrade. By now the website is still offline, though 24 hours passed.

The update concerning the new payment systems has been sent to the members of the program with the interesting name, Honor For The Brave. The admin reports the website got approved and verified by OKPAY, Payza, Skrill and As-money. These payment processors can be used now for proceeding with the deposits and making withdrawal requests. The corresponding accounts of the payment systems can be added to members' profiles. Another update is being implemented now, Russian version of the website with more other languages added soon as well.

A very short weekly newsletter has been delivered to the members of 4Finance. The newsletter includes information about current project's statistics and payment proofs update. as of Monday, August 31, there have been over 11,500 members registered from all over the world, who deposited more than $750K and received $90K as withdrawals. The admin of the project claims 4Finance is currently the "...strongest and most potential upcommer in the industry..." SPeakign of the Payment Proofs update every Friday, this is done as promised and now one can see larger and smaller withdrawals being processed not matter how large the amount requested is.

CronexReturns had a great and busy weekend, which is good sign after all. The good news is that despite the initial decision of disabling the Paypal payment processor, PayPal is now officially accepted. One can make a deposit using this payment processor.

Cryptocarat introduced the Cryptocarat Card that can be used for the direct withdrawal purpose. The card is the same as your bank debit card you can use Cryptocarat card at any ATM. After it's been requested the card will be delivered to your home address within a week. The card will be synchronised with your account. One of the main requirements to apply for getting the card is the minimum deposit amount of $500 or more. There is no limit for withdrawal using the card.

To Request the Cryptocarat card , Send Your Name , Email , Address , Bank Account Details to After Request card will be delivered by post within a week. We need to verify the owner due to KYC . You need to send the Government Approved Documents like Utiliy bill , Licence & Passport.

FxROI Limited is now working with Payeer. The new payment processor can be used for making deposits and placing withdrawal requests.

Fin Desk Inv successfully completes 60 days Plan. The admin is happy to state the fact lots of customers are in profit now and choose to reinvest back into another investment term.

The Coin-Traders admin finally announces the launch of VIP plans. As of now the company has increased its share of invest funds up to 45%. Investors share capital investments with the project and 55% of the capital belongs to investors and this part of the capital makes it possible to bring such profits. Thus 5 new VIP Plans with the highest return to the investors have been introduced. Apart from that to make the payment easier and more convenient for the customers, Bitcoin payment option has been added as well.

CashInvestFX is announcing the special limited time package with increased rate of profit, for low budgeted investors. You can participate in the special package program by investing minimum 25 USD and receive the declared daily profit of 6.2% for 20 days with principle back guarantee.

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