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latest hyip news digest september 15 2015
Read the news digest to learn of the latest news from the HYips online such as MyForexBank, AlpaFx, Financial Advisory LTD, Instant Power House and others
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Read the news digest to learn of the latest news from the HYips online such as MyForexBank, AlpaFx, Financial Advisory LTD, Instant Power House and others

See the latest news from the HYIPs online in the latest news digest published below. MyForexBank says about multiple requests from the customers of the project for the banners. As it's been informed, the new template and banners will be ready within two days. The ycan be used to promote the project online and get referral awards.

AlpaFx has completed 13 days online successfully. $16910179.49 USD were paid as claimed. The stats are fake i am sure about it. Anyway, it needs to be mentioned that referral contest is now in progress, according to the terms of which 3 members who will get the biggest number of active referrals (referrals who made deposit), will receive very generous and attractive cash prizes directly to their account balances. The company also informs on adding new investment plans: ALPAFX LIFE CHANGE PLAN and ALPAFX FAST PROFIT PLAN.

Financial Advisory LTD gladly informs opening coin deposit and withdrawal options. From now on: Litecoin, Paycoin, Dogecoin, DigitalCoin, and Paypal are accepted. Also the project launched a representative program which is claimed to become a way for the members to earn money by attracting new clients and to serve members with local language. Everyone who wants to become a representative, has to complete an application form and meet all requirements. Also, representatives have to invest at least 10 USD.

Instant Power House newly listed at HYIPNews has implemented Live Support feature on the website. Feel free to contact operators when they are available. Working hours of the live support will be posted on the webpage of the project.

Recently multiple investors of CrowdEarner have reported not receiving their payments automatically since automatic payments (API) was activated. The technical team of the project works hard to fix the troubles, in any case if you are the one affected you can now test the the withdrawal again and receive your payment instantly. There is also an update saying about adding PayPal deposit option soon. We'll see the progress.

Bargains Alliance explains the situation with the withdrawals declined and credited back to members' balances. The reason to that is the problem with API system detected on September 11. The withdrawals stopped working instantly. The corresponding request to fix the script has been sent to Gold Coders.

Everything should be fixed by now. There are also some words about the new features, planned to be added to the website soon. First of all, Bank Wire deposit is now active with the minimum to start $500. The withdrawals can be processed either to Bitcoin or Perfect Money. SolidTrustPay is also planned to be added this week.

Invest24x7 has been running for two weeks without slightest problems or glitches. All payments are completed instantly and on time. For all willing to make deposits through Payza, this payment gateway is now being tested and soon it will be added hopefully.

YourBestHyip closes the Hourly plan on 15th of September 2015. Starting from today there is option to deposit to this plan any longer. As for all active deposits launched before September 15, they will be terminated once closed. Apart from that the project implements compounding option for the members' convenience.

CryptoShuttle initiates issuing weekly newsletters called CryptoShuttle Express. The newsletter will be focused on the program's developments and future plans. In the first issue of the Express there are stat reports saying about over $2200 invested in a few altcoins which resulted in great returns for the team. Daily interests have been paid properly to all members instantly.

There are some explanations of the terms of the currently working investment plans, which explain principal return terms and the way loan funds are managed after users allocate their deposits. There is also a notification of another investment plan launch providing lower results, where one can invest from 10$ to 100$ and get daily profit of 1.5%. According to the terms of this one, the principal can be withdrawn any time.

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