Updated: 09/24/2015 10:43
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Royoshippes closes com domain, launches biz domain running the long-term investment opportunity with aggressive advertising strategy, new options
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Royoshippes closes com domain, launches biz domain running the long-term investment opportunity with aggressive advertising strategy, new options available

The HYIPNews editorial department, as you know, covers all events from all hyips online, not just those listed with us. The admin starts his newsletter with introducing himself to the audience. He's an experienced admin, though he's been out of industry for three years. As he claims most of his projects were with "after one day" investment plans and they have been online for at least 50 days straight. As we can see he's been more targeted to running "fasts". The same thing as he claims goes on at RoyoShippers.

The thing is that, currently there are certain pending payment payment issues and many investors are worried about that. However, the admin of the project claims he developed a solution to solve this problem. As he admits, hit and runners have been repelled successfully and no huge investments came in to sink the project. The problem was elsewhere , High yield investment industry has had many bad and untruthful admins so investors get afraid to make deposits anywhere in any hyip, no matter if it's RoyoShippers or another one. Being aware now, that people are afraid of one day projects, the admin realizes the actual reason why no investments come into his project, despite the fact there are lots of investors willing to spend money in the industry out there.

And so, he managed to think of the solution to make RoyoShippers rise from the deep. First of all, the .com domain will be closed, instead the new one .biz will be launched. RoyoShippers goes out from short-term plans and prepares the new service targeted at running business with long term, stable and safe investment plans, keeping almost the same ROI for the investors. The admin officially claims owning the domain. From now on the approach towards advertising project will be more aggressive. There will be more RCB monitors, the $5000 budget is spent on advertising campaign in social networks.

More changes are yet to come in terms of new payment options added to RoyoShippers. In the upcoming days "Bank Wire" options is going to be added thanks to the business partners of their own. By opening the new domain, the admin feels no sympathy towards the negative image of the .com domain and hence urges all investors not to make any new deposits to that one. No payments are going to be made from the .com domain and it will be listed as scam soon. As for it is aimed to work for long. There is an instant payment system integrated as well. As for those pending payments from .com domain the admin claims to return every cent until the end of the fall, assuring everyone of the good possibility to rise RoyoShippers back from the ashes and get back every ones trust with it.

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