Updated: 09/29/2015 14:07
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latest hyip news digest september 29 2015
See latest trading report Albion Union, Fortune payments delays, Invest24x7 investment plan, ProfitUnity new features and contest terms from MLM Credit
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See latest trading report Albion Union, Fortune payments delays, Invest24x7 investment plan, ProfitUnity new features and contest terms from MLM Credit

The latest news digest is showing last news from the HYIPs online. Here below we shall start with the news from ProfitUnity, whcih has recently added OKPAY. As for Payza, there are still problems with that for there is a message saying "This payment gateway is waiting for approval, please be patient!", due to which Payza is still pending. Along with that more news have been delivered saying about the launch of Live Chat option and official launch of Facebook group of the project.

After 30 days of successful performance of running Invest24x7 the decision to introduce a new shorter and more attractive investment plan has been introduced. According to the terms of this plan 2% daily is offered for 5 days along with the principal returned, which means the total ROI makes 110% after 5 days.

Due to the issue with the CoinPayments website, which has been not accessible some days ago, Fortune HYIP could not process the Bitcoin withdrawal requests. Now the website is online and payments have been resumed.

And finally there is a massive update from Statelife HYIP, which announced the event coming out in just a few days to go 1800 USD discount on tour seasonal deposit now just from 13200 USD. f you are investing just $15,000 in any plan, you would have $386,880 today ver the past 3+ years, Statelife's average pick in Statelife (their payment services) is up over 10392%, while the S&P 500 during the same period is up just 2353%. In other words, Statelife's average pick has tripled the stock market's return over more than a decade.

Another weekly trading report has been provided by the admin of Albion Union, top listed hyip at As reported, last week the experienced traders reached the average profit factor of 16.57%. The last trades can be checked on the Statements page of the Albion Union website. Along with that let me remind you about the possibility to get guest access to the Forex Trading account.

The newsletter from MLM Credit listed at HYIPNews quickly informs everyone that administrator is congratulating most active partners that are introducing new members for the project. Administration additionally informs that on the 10th of October they will announce winners for the first month competition and maybe you would like to be among the winners.

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