Updated: 09/30/2015 15:28
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latest hyip news digest september 30 2015
Latest news digest gives news about the new plans launched by BTCPROFIT, ChamzyWallet, and more updates from UKFOREXBANK, SportBetInvest and Wain Group
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Latest news digest gives news about the new plans launched by BTCPROFIT, ChamzyWallet, and more updates from UKFOREXBANK, SportBetInvest and Wain Group

Another day has come and another news digest of the latest hyip news is delivered to the visitors of HYIPNews. For a start there is an update from Wain Group HYIP, the admin of which reports on activating the OKPAY payment system for depositing and withdrawing funds. Deposits are approved automatically, the withdrawals are processed manually by sending withdrawal requests.

The ChamzyWallet HYIP has enabled new investment plans today. They are aimed at long term earnings:
1) Investment $10-$499 will give 2% daily for 60 days - Total 120%
2) Investment $500-$999 will give 2.5% daily for 55 days - Total 125%
3) Investment $1000-$2499 will give 3% daily for 44 days - Total 132%
4) Investment $2500-$9999 will give 3.5% daily for 40 days - Total 140%
5) Investment $10000+ will give 4% daily for 37 days - Total 148%

There is also another update. Now members have option to use the cash balance from PeopleAdChoice. hen you go to deposit you will see option to select PAC cash balance, so if you want to use People Ad Choice cash balance then you can feel request on deposit page inside your ChamzyWallet account and it will be added to your account manually.

The BTCPROFIT HYIP has introduced new investment plan offering 4.4% Hourly for 24 hours. Total profit 105.6% in 24 hours.

6ix Trading Limited announced Payza is now active for the instant deposit. Now when deposit is made it is credited instantly to the investment plan chosen.

Another news update is posted by the admin of UKFOREXBANK, the HYIP, which celebrates 15 days online. The admin claims his program is the most popular program all over the world. Way too optimistic statement, indeed. The admin tries to assure all investors within 15 days there have been lots of really large investors, who deposited lots of money to the project. As for the updates, we are pleased to let you know the website design has been changed to a unique one, thus it's been made more attractive. The program incorporated in the UK. EV SSL is enabled for the website of UKFOREXBANK. Two more payment processors have been enabled: Payza and OKPAY. And soon the admin claims to add Bank wire , Western union, Master Card & VISA cards. The regional representative program and more innovations will be enabled as well.

And finally there is an update that might be first of all interesting for the VIP investors of SportBetInvest. In order to become VIP one should deposit as minimum of $1000. Once deposit is made, one may contact the support and apply for the VIP membership. Once VIP membership is activated, one should maintain the $1000 deposit active to keep the VIP status enabled. VIP status also gives certain advantages to the members including automatic withdrawals, which is a great benefit after all. Apart from that the referral commission for VIP members is increased to 15%. Also if you are running a deposit of $2000 or more, your referral bonus is increased as well up to 20%. As for other benefits those are: phone support, 25% free deposit bonus and Free Visa Debit Card Last instant withdrawal proof.

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