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latest hyip news digest november 18 2015
Another day for special offer from Maxizzy Limited, Grand Rialto server update, PesoGroup investment plans and Hyperial Limited update in the latest
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Another day for special offer from Maxizzy Limited, Grand Rialto server update, PesoGroup investment plans and Hyperial Limited update in the latest digest

Another news digest is published at the attention of HYIPNews readers. Today we start with the news from Maxizzy Limited HYIP, taking one of Top places at HYIPNews. You might be aware of the Halloween Special plan, which was supposed to end today. The good news from the admin of the project the special offer has been extended for one more day, due to multiple requests from investors, who were having problems funding their e-currency accounts in a hurry. So, today there is still a chance to deposit into the "Halloween Special" plan. Moreover, investing in Perfect Money, investors get extra 25% deposit bonus added. Tricky move, which sounds dangerous and risky after all.

The admin of Grand Rialto, Sticky listed at HYIPNews reported about some issues, many clients of the project experienced when accessing accounts on the official website. The reason for that is constantly growing number of users, which has increased significantly lately. That resulted in increasing the number of requests addresses on the Grand Rialto website. Therefore, the server, where the website of the project is locate couldn't handle such a large number of requests. Taking into account of these facts, and also taking caring of convenience of use of the company site by the clients, the decision to relocate the program website to the new more powerful server has been taken. As the claims it will allow to make the cooperation more prompt and comfortable, as well as it will give the opportunity to develop the program in the most long-term prospect.

Another update is delivered by the admin of PesoGroup HYIP, concerning the update of the investment plan range within the project. To be exact, two more new plans were launched paying 4.3% daily for 30 calendar days with 129% return and 29% per month and the second one, paying 5% DAILY with the total of 150% return and monthly profit 50%.

The management of Hyperial Limited, newly added to HYIPNews is glad to see the program is growing and getting better and better. As the admin claims such results wouldn't have been possible without the support and help of investors. With a view to all that, the admin is sure, if the progress continues like that in the nearest future, the Hyperial Limited HYIP can become one of the most popular projects online. The current stats are as follows: more than $12K deposited and more than $500 withdrawn during the first week performance.

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