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More news from Cryptof, Advance Finance social news, eCoinInvest investment plans, more updates from Hugs Money Asia Market Investment, Vegas and Amazing
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More news from Cryptof, Advance Finance social news, eCoinInvest investment plans, more updates from Hugs Money Asia Market Investment, Vegas and Amazing 5

Cryptof introduces the Matrix program. According to the terms of the new program customers are offered to buy packages at multiple of 6 and get matrices instantly. If you buy 6 packages at a time, you will get 1 package for free. If you buy 12 packages, you will get 2 packages for free. If you buy 7 packages, you will not get any bonus matrix package.

Advance Finance was added to HYIPNews 7 days ago. This new program issues the newsletter informing the project becomes social now. Starting from recently customers can follow the project news and performance on the official Facebook page. The page can be used apart from the rest for supporting the program, posting payments proof etc. Apart from the official page the Facebook Group has been launched as well.

eCoinInvest has introduced another bunch of risky investment plans for joining. After being three months online three short-term investment plans were added. According to the terms of the plans, the profit is returned after 24 hours. Here are the details of the plans below:
102% after 1 day ($50 – $499)
103% after 1 day ($500 – $2999)
106% after 1 day (3000 – $100,000)

Deposits are processed instantly as usual, with a slight delay for bitcoin payments. Withdrawals from the short-term plans will normally be processed within 24 hours. There is also some nice update for early investors, who are about to complete the first investment cycle of the 90 day investment plan. To celebrate completing three months online $5,000 worth of bonuses from last week have been sent out to the top investors.

Hugs Money Limited Company has introduced the Representative program with he purpose to create special conditions of cooperation between the company and its customers. The Regional representatives are awarded with the increased referral reward charging. Here are the terms customers need to be complied with to apply for the position of regional representative: one should have an active deposit in the program with the deposit of not less than $50, partners need to have at least one account in popular messengers, and e-mail clients, potential partners should apply by sending Name, Phone, eMail, Language, Country to the [email protected] for details.

Asia Market Investment has been online for more than 20 days. According to the stats, which don't seem to be real though in the past 20 days, over 2000 satisfied members joined the project with $240000+ total deposits, and they have earned $140000+ in total. The withdrawals are processed instantly. The company introduced the Paid To Promote (PTP) program, which is currently enjoyed by more than 150 members who are completing PTP offers,including Forum Signatures,Video Review,Social Networks Promotion,Representatives. The program is also marked with running a slow and stable advertising campaign, which helps to the stability and health of our program growth.

The good news at the end of the weekend is that Asia Market Investment technical team has completed updating the DEPOSIT PAGE and automatically crediting bonus system. Currently "20 days online celebration" Bonus plan is available for all registered investors. Those who make a new deposit during 21st Nov to 25th Nov will be rewarded random 5%-10% bonus of your original deposits.The bonus is credited to your account balance instantly after your deposit,you may choose to reinvest from account balance or withdraw it.

The Vegas team is considering partnerships with Local Agents and Marketing Professionals to help the program growth. The most active members have been authorized to become local agents, meaning representatives. As the admins reports, Local Agents network is supposed to help Vegas HYIP to expand and provide dedicated support to all nationalities. Local Agents are rewarded with higher referral awards: 8% from your first level affiliate and 2% from your second level affiliate reward.

Good news has been reported by the admin of Amazing 5 HYIP. The program has been one month online. Some events happened within this time, though the main piece of news is that the HYIP is growing and developing paying on time with no delays despite any possible circumstances. Another piece of news is the enhanced DDoS protection, which has been enabled to prevent hackers from attacking the website. The entire Amazing 5 team is working hard to maintain the performance at the highest level without leading any sort of aggressive advertising campaigns. The most important is good mouth-to-mouth promotion, which is, from the Amazing 5 point of view, the most effective one.

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