Updated: 12/16/2015 16:41
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latest hyip news digest december 16 2015
Aggressive Traders special plan, Royalpaycash security settings, Grand Rialto Vip plan GeniusPower 20 days online, referral links, profit calculator
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Aggressive Traders special plan, Royalpaycash security settings, Grand Rialto Vip plan GeniusPower 20 days online, referral links, profit calculator update

Another day has come and we are pleased to deliver the latest news update from the HYIPs online. Today we are starting the digest with the latest news from Aggressive Traders Network, the admin of which is thankful for all the support and cooperation given by the customers of the project.

Actually today it's been a week since the decision to make a restart of the program after a hit-n-run wave. Seems the decision was good enough for the program is paying every day as promised. The admin is aware Christmas and New Year period is a tough season for the hyip runners. Which is why to stir things up a bit the new Holiday Special Plan is introduced, giving opportunity to make 1% hourly for 120 hours, paid instantly to members' e-currency accounts. Assuming the money is paid properly, which is actually hard to believe in terms of special plans launch experience and the peculiarities of the Black December, members are supposed to get 120% total return in 5 days.

The Royalpaycash admin informs of updating the security settings. The thing is that after taking a close lok at forums and investment blogs some information leaked, saying some of the clients had other e-wallet numbers mentioned on their accounts, different from those initially indicated. This issue makes the admin and the team of the program feel worried about the security of the funds deposited by the customers and hence as the result some security settings have been changed. From now on any change of e-wallet and e-mail is only possible after contacting the support and proving the ownership of the account.

Grand Rialto, the HYIP listed at HYIPNews for 138 days celebrates reaching the milestone of 16K investors. There have been lots of events within the entire time the HYIP has been running. For the loyal and long-term investors, the team of the project set up the investment plan BEST VIP offering 800% after 1 day from $ 1,000.00 - $ 50,000.00. However, despite the good performance of the project, the HYIPNews team has to warn every investor about the risks involved, especially during the Black December. Launching such an ultra-profitable investment plan may not be a good sign for the future of the company. We'll watch the performance and the payment stats of the project further on, especially for the reports and live testimonials of the real company members on forums and social networks.

And finally we are pleased to share the latest updated from the admin of GeniusPower HYIP, which successfully completed 20 days online. The admin of the project truly believes the program has become one of the best, the biggest, the hottest and popular investment sites online. That is a doubtful thinking after all, especially taking into account such a short time of presence on the hyip market. We'll see how the things go further on and whether the program can survey the Christmas period, for now there are more updates concerning the update of the "Referral Links" section. Now after logging to your account and proceeding to the "Referral Links" section one can find the referral links with your username and the GeniusPower banners with the referral link included. One can use these tools for active promotion of the project online. Another news is updating the profit calculator on the official website.

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