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Read Christmas Near Year congratulations from hyips online, SMS notification feature from Amazing5, 2-3 Percent going on holidays and Ksakep special plans
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Read Christmas Near Year congratulations from hyips online, SMS notification feature from Amazing5, 2-3 Percent going on holidays and Ksakep special plans

The latest news from the HYIP programs are all full of Christmas congratulations and here we start with the congratulations from the COMEX Brokerage admin listed at HYIPNews wishing all members Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The admin wishes great health, happiness and financial success and thanks for choosing COMEX Brokerage Limited as Premier Brokerage Firm.

The admin of Boost Holdings, which is also listed at HYIPNews, has been more informative. Congratulating the members and all families, the admin wishes the New Year filled with peace, joy, and meaning. He also thanks everyone for the support and claims the year 2015 has been very successful for the project. As claimed, Boost Holdings has become one of the most popular and profitable investment companies in the field. The team was able to exceed all goals and offer the clients a reliable and stable investment platform! The good news for the customers is that even during the Christmas holidays, the interest will be calculated properly and withdrawals are processed instantly as usually. As for the support tickets there may be certain delays up to 3 days. The team of Boost Holdings is looking forward to long term win-win situation with the customers in 2016.

Another HYIP congratulates the customers on Christmas and New Year holidays. The team of Allinol, takes this moment and shares with the customers how much the partnership is valued. Taking this opportunity, Allinol thanks all the members for the positive feedback, communication, experience, support and advice and looks forward to work efficiently in the year 2016.

Amazing5 is happy to announce adding the new feature on the website, which allows receiving SMS notifications every time the withdrawal request is processed. The option is convenient for those, who don't spend a lot of time online. The feature can be activated adding your mobile phone number in the profile and enabling on the withdrawal page when payment is requested.

The admin of 2-3 Percent listed at HYIPNews announces the project goes on holiday from 25th of December 2015 till 5th January 2016. No earnings will be credited at those days. 2-3 Percent has been listed at HYIPNews for 63 days online. At the same time, saying the year has been very successful for the company, the admin claims there are nearly 10000 customers registered, the fact, which makes the entire team of the project feel very excited. The admin is sure it's just a start of something special and assures the clients the year 2016 will be better and stronger.

Another program, Ksakep, congratulates all customers on the coming New Year holidays and wishes everyone in the New Year the stability of the financial well-being! As a gift for the members, the admin of the project informs of some good news: Up to 31 December inclusive * on all plans except the "Stable", the bonus of 7% is added at the expense of future profits of the project, combined with a deposit and is involved in calculating the subsequent earnings. Apart from that, deposit program has been adjusted as follows: 2 new plans for asset management are added with the only difference of the minimum term of deposit 12 and 20 months. Each of the Plan of Action one-time deposit bonus of 3% and 6% is erwarded respectively. From 1 January 2016 plans "stable" and "Stable +" will not be available for new deposits. All deposits made ​​before the deadline, will be served on the same terms. The new section "Reviews" has been added to the website, where one can get acquainted with the investors, and leave one's own opinion about the project.

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