Updated: 01/05/2016 15:20
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latest hyip news digest january 05 2016
Latest digest to check the latest news from the hyips listed at Hyipnews, Boost Holdings, Captains Fund, StrongPalas, Hyperial Limited
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Latest digest to check the latest news from the hyips listed at Hyipnews, Boost Holdings, Captains Fund, StrongPalas, Hyperial Limited

The HYIPNews team is back from holidays. On Friday the first Hyip information survey in 2016 will be published. For now we are pleased to present you with the digest of the latest news in the Hyip industry. Let us start the year with the overview of the latest updates from the HYIPs only listed at HYIPNews. Boost Holdings, taking the ninth place in the list, thanks for the great support all the partners and celebrates 365 days online.

On that occasion the special investment plan has been offered to the members of the project, according to the terms of which one can double the deposit within 4 days. Each client is only allowed to make one deposit in the One Year Online Celebration plan. And only total 200 unites are available. When there are total of 200 deposits the plan is closed automatically.

The admin of Captains Fund, another HYIPNews listed program, announces the launch of Live Support with the help of which one can ask questions and get answers 24/7. As claimed Captains Fund does its best to provide best services possible to every user. Along with that there is some nice piece of news in terms of deposit bonus. Captains Fund announced 10% deposit bonus to every member making active deposit, valid till January 7, 2016.

Another HYIP, StrongPalas, recently joined HYIPNews listing, launched live support for better convenience and high quality support of their customers. The Live Chat can naturally be used to ask questions, and share your thoughts and feelings about StrongPalas investment platform. The address for the Live Chat is here:

And finally one more update comes from Hyperial Limited, currently placed on the 11th place at HYIPNews listing. The admin of the program announces the completion of 55 calendar days since the program was launched. Within the entire time the program has been online, all members of the project team have proved their professional skills and always timely resolution of any issue possible. The admin is very happy with the support of the customers and their trust, which is proven with multiple reinvestments.

As claimed there are lots of plans for the current year. As it's been announced for members' comfort the support phone will be added within few days so that you could keep in touch with the agent and resolve any possible issue that you care about. Along with the phone support, Live chat will be added with the same purpose.

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