Updated: 01/11/2016 14:26
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Fenix Group celebrates one month online, launch Regional Representative program, updates criteria to join, Niox Money added, bankwire to be added next
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Fenix Group celebrates one month online, launch Regional Representative program, updates criteria to join, Niox Money added, bankwire to be added next week

Here comes another update from the investment program, the HYIP, which is not listed at HYIPNews, though it managed to survive through Christmas and Black December. It is now assigned with mostly positive statuses on major listing sites, which is why i dare to think there are lots of potentially interested investors to this project among the readers of HYIPNews and hence let us share the latest update from FeniX Group below.

The admin is sure every potential and current member and investor would be interested in getting extra support and an extra option to earn more and hence he's been proud to present the Regional Representatives program to the customers. The Regional Representative program by FeniX Group is designed to satisfy two sides: people who are looking for extra support in their region, and people who are looking to earn extra with the platform, in other words it gives more earning potential with the help of the referral program. Regional Representatives are awarded with a higher affiliate commission from people they refer to the project. The referral program for representatives is increase to 10%.

If you are willing to work under our banner as a Regional Representative you have to meet the following conditions: - You have to invite not fewer than 5 active investors (they have to register using your link and create a deposit) - The amount of your deposit in one e-currency has to be no less than $200 - You should have work experience in promoting investment companies - Also it is recommended to have Skype, a phone number, account on Facebook. If you meet these criteria then please email your username, country, email, language and contact information such as your full name, phone and Facebook ID, Skype ID to support@fenix-group.biz.

Another piece of news refers to the payment systems upgrade. The admin of FeniX Group informs the project has successfully added NixMoney payment system to the service. As claimed now and on opportunities of investment into the FeniX Group became even more attractive and possibly will become even more when bankwire investments will start to be accepted as well presumably the following week.

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