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latest hyip news digest january 15 2016
Read the latest news digest, learn of bonus for opening Hours Finance Facebok group, Amazing5 translated into French, Fenix Group current results and
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Read the latest news digest, learn of bonus for opening Hours Finance Facebok group, Amazing5 translated into French, Fenix Group current results and plans

Here we go and present our dear readers with the latest news from the HYIPs online. For a start let us share the news from Hours Finance HYIP added to HYIPNews 6 days ago. In the first newsletter the admin of the project offers to get $10 for creating a nice looking Facebook group presentation of the program. Here is the step-by-step manual on what to do to get the prize: 1. Create Facebook group with named ( Hours Finance Ltd - YOUR COUNRTY/REGION) 2. Your Refferal Link in Description 3. Add More than 200 Member group Facebook 4. Post First With Refferal link in Facebook Group Representation Claim Your 1$ - 10$ NOW!!!! Subject "Facebook Group Representation" Username : Link Facebook Group Representation : Your Country/REGION: Sent To

The Amazing5 website has been translated into French to better adapt to the requirements of the European countries. The staff of the project being quite international offers attentive customer care to the investors worldwide. Starting from now on you may contact the suppor tin French as well in case any question appears.

The Fenix Group working for more than a month as of today completes its first investment cycle in both investment plans. In January (in its remaining part) and February there will be more working days than in the previous 40 days of the project's work due to Christmas and New Year holidays. Actually there will be only two days-off: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 18 and Presidents' Day on February 15, both of these holidays are federal holidays in the US.

Speaking about the future plans of Fenix Group, there will be possibly some more bonus programs introduced to the members similar to those provided during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Summarizing the first investment cycle the admin speaks about 10 payment gateways, nearly 2000 active investors and $230K deposited. Another thing the admin of the project emphasizes is the increased activity of investors after the holidays, which is actually confirmed by HYIPNews stats as well. Another reason the project is getting more popular is expanding its activity on new advertising platforms along with some review published about the project on niche resources.

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