Updated: 02/08/2016 15:09
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latest hyip news digest february 08 2016
Get news from PrimeForex, Three Bitcoin adding CoinPayments, Portuguese language translation for Amazing5, latest trading performance results of
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Get news from PrimeForex, Three Bitcoin adding CoinPayments, Portuguese language translation for Amazing5, latest trading performance results of InvestFond

Shall we start the latest news digest from the HYIPs online from the update of the Three Bitcoin HYIP listed at HYIPNews for 2 days ago, the admin of which reports of of payment api callback problems. Due to that the CoinPayments for BTC deposit has been enabled. As it's been reported this is an easier and faster option for the majority. While the curreny BTC deposit module is disabled, CoinPayments is taking effect. In this way all BTC deposit will be processed via coinpayments and will be updated after 3 confirmation. If you have deposit and still not credited after 24 hour, please sent email to : to get the deposit processed manually. There is also a recommendation, saying of the need to update the Bitcoin address in the member area on the websites.

On Sunday the admin of PrimeForex listed at HYIPNews for 10 days issued another update, which also refers to CoinPayments module, which was enabled for BTC deposits. Free Members Promotions is still in effect, this is a good way to earn extra $ from promoting your referral link. As for the Video Contest it is still running as well and gives opportunity to win $5 for just posting your video Testimonial on the project's Facebook Page. Please keep in mind, only the members running an active deposit are eligible to join the Video Contest, another requirement is 1 video per person. As the admin claims at the start of the current week the new profitable and stable plans that pay on calendar days will be introduced for all members.

Amazing5 makes another step towards its customers, making the service more convenient for the customers from Brazil and Portugal adding the Portuguese language localization to the website.

The short performance report was presented to the customers of InvestFond HYIP, one of TOP listed HYIPs at HYIPNews. The project is one of the most stable companies in the investment market worldwide. At the end of trading week the average profit rate was calculated, of 5%. InvestFond's team of top financial experts is claimed to provide around the clock secure investment opportunities. The admin assures the top priority of the entire team is to ensure the security and safety of the clients' funds, which are held separately from the company's operational accounts.

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