Updated: 03/02/2016 15:10
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megaroi performance update
MegaROI completes 11 weeks online, latest stats provided, explanation of the compounding feature, revealing the Alexa stats of the project
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MegaROI completes 11 weeks online, latest stats provided, explanation of the compounding feature, revealing the Alexa stats of the project

On the first day of Spring MegaROI issued the newsletter sharing some good news in terms of the project growth and development. As the admin claims MegaROI is experiencing a strong and stable growth level with over $31,200 in total deposits, 1675 registered members and over 1,140 active investments. The project has been listed in more than 10 forums, blogs and well established monitors. As for the advertising campaign it has just started in more or less active way.

The admin is glad to announce that currently the financial team of MegaROI is working on adding Neteller and Payza payment options, which are supposed to become the fifth and the sixth payment gateways respectively.

The team of MegaROI claims to be taking much care of the customers opinion and their interests. Particularly there have been lots of letters asking about the compounding option and how they can benefit from it. The admin in the the latest newsletter explains the essence of the compounding feature available and how actually it can boost the potential profit customers may earn. Let me share the example provided by the admin here below: "...your active deposit in MegaROI equals to $100. The account with $100 initial deposit to one of the plans and 100% compounding option per day would have a balance of $102 at the end of the first day, $104.04 at the end of the second day, $106.12 at the end of the third day and so on..." Enabling the compounding option really boosts your earnings to the highest levels, moreover it can be changed any time.

Let me remind you, MegaROI has been working online for 11 weeks, which were successful and as the admin claims risk free for the customers. It is clear the hyip industry is highly competitive, lots of programs appear day-to-day, still lots of those that were launched at the same time with MegaROI are now gone for good and this one is still online and paying. On the other side there are some, even more long-term ones. The admin reports that MegaROI has a special strategy and plans to develop the program to meet the highest possible needs of its members.

At the end of the newsletter from MegaROI, some Alexa stats if provided for the customers' information. The traffic rank of MegaROI has attained a rank of 71,020 which means that they are now among the top 75,000 websites around the world. That is great boost within just three months online. As it's already been mentioned earlier MegaROI has been providing every member with prompt payments and support, without any difference. The admin looks forward to further cooperation and hopes investors are pleased with the level of services provided.

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