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hydrogen energy presentation
Take a look at the presentation of Hydgogen Energy HYIP, added to HYIPNews Promo listing three days ago, learn about the investment plans payment methods
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Take a look at the presentation of Hydgogen Energy HYIP, added to HYIPNews Promo listing three days ago, learn about the investment plans payment methods

Being added to HYIPNews 3 days ago the Hydrogen Energy project started on other resources on October 16, 2015. According to the legend the project "Hydrogen Energy Inc. are the first hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer who implemented this technology in megawatt-class stationary fuel cell power plants, to generate a big gross profit. Now we a trying to become the first manufacturer of portable hydrogen fuel cell (AA/AAA battery class) on the market..."

Here is the way the investment process is described on the main page of the website: "...We invest in the development of hydrogen technology. Fuel cells directly convert the chemical energy in hydrogen to electricity, with pure water and potentially useful heat. A conventional combustion-based power plant typically generates electricity at efficiencies of 33-35%, while hydrogen fuel cell systems can generate electricity at efficiencies up to 60% (and even higher with cogeneration). Our portable hydrogen fuel cell (AA/AAA battery class) will be generate energy for 150% longer than modern Li-ion battery..."

The website of the project looks rather simple. It is more like a template, which consists of three columns. In the left column one may find the login window, information about the website (running days, total accounts, amount withdrawn etc.), latest funds added and withdrawn. The central column provides general information about the project, the investment programs involved and the referral program and commission terms. Some news about the program are located in the column to the right. There are no special features, no seals or things like that. The SSL connection is available, the certificate, which is not an Extended Validation one, is provided by Comodo.

The investment process is traditional for a HYIP program. One should register first and then proceed with adding funds via Perfect Money, Payeer or Bitcoin. Profit withdrawals are processed manually within 12 hours since they have been requested. There are three investment plans offered at Hydgogen Energy, each of which are offering daily profit payouts from 0.7% to 1.7% depending on the investment plan chosen. The minimum investment duration of the Green-X Energy Plan is 3 days. And the maximum for Hyper-S Energy is 45 days. The principal is returned at the end of every investment program.

Some words need to be mentioned about the legal aspect of the program. The program seems to be officially registered as a Private Limited Company with the company number 10005230. The details about the Certificate of incorporation can be discovered in the Legal page, accessed in the Top menu on the official website of Hydrogen Energy.

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