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latest hyip news digest april 14 2016
Check the digest for the update from Custom Mining, API system failure at BitWealth, Lucrative Venture payment system reminder and Nano-11 DDoS issue
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Check the digest for the update from Custom Mining, API system failure at BitWealth, Lucrative Venture payment system reminder and Nano-11 DDoS issue

See the latest news from Custom Mining which has been online for nearly 20 days. The period was rich in events not always positive, however they helped to become stronger and more mature project. The team of the project strives for becoming the best investment company online and by the time of publishing the latest newsletter there were more than 600 partners registered with the project. For additional communication with members online consultant was connected. With his help you can get an answer to your question in the shortest possible time.

BitWealth issued the newsletter apologizing for the problems accessing the website of the project on Tuesday, April 12. As the admin assures the technical specialists have made every effort to eliminate the failure with API system. his led to a temporary disruption the schedule of regular accruals and processing of withdrawal requests. At the moment the problem is found and completely resolved, - all requested payments have been just sent. Earnings for April 12 are credited and all current accruals are made in a timely manner. Apart from that necessary steps were taken to avoid this situation in the future.

The admin of Lucrative Venture added to HYIPNews 5 days ago is pleased to announce the project has been growing day by day and all things are going very well. However the project is facing a problem: most investors forget to include their e-currency account number in their member account and without verifying it they proceed with requesting withdrawals. So this situation causes certain difficulties cause the withdrawals are processed with delays. So the admin of Lucrative Venture reminds before asking for withdrawal to check whether the e-currency account is included in the member account information not to face any delays or problems with getting your withdrawal.

Another piece of news has been published on the pages of Nano-11 HYIP listed in the HYIPNews Top Choice. The news tell members about improving protection and access stabilization to Nano-11. As the admin reports after developing and testing the strategy in February 2015 the project entered online investment market. High income rate has been offered and the plans, which allow receiving this percentage every day were developed. For security reasons assessing the risks of future marketing company in the highly profitable industry, Nano-11 has decided to significantly increase the protection of the website in order to prevent further destabilization of its work.

Since the very launch of the project as the admin reports the servers of the company are constantly under DDoS pressure and during the last week their massiveness and diversity have led to the fact that some visitors experience difficulties with accessing. In collaboration with professionals from DDoS-Guard the Nano-11 experts track the hackers and successfully neutralize their attempts to damage the website accessibility. Fortunately, investment and industrial activity of Nano-11 LTD does not depend on the website, so the means and opportunities for investors remain the same. The only drawback of this situation is temporary and local problems that can experience some of the visitors of the website.

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