Updated: 04/27/2016 09:50
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latest hyip news digest april 27 2016
Check the latest performance reports from Success6, ProGlobalTraders, new terms added at MidaPot, CryptoReturn, Lucrative Venture in the news digest
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Check the latest performance reports from Success6, ProGlobalTraders, new terms added at MidaPot, CryptoReturn, Lucrative Venture in the news digest

See the latest news from the HYIPs online in the news digest below. First of all let us inform you the MidaPot HYIP added the "Daily Plan", which is obviously paying profits daily. As for other plans remaining (after 3,5,7,16,36) the profit is paid after expiry. The trading is growing up day to day and hence there was an opportunity to increase the per cent of the daily plan from 5% for 30 days to 6% for 25 days.

Success6 reports 747 members joined after 12 days of online performance. The admin of the program reminds of 6% referral commission paid for every deposit made by the downline and hence every member is encouraged to share the referral links in facebook timeline, post in different social groups and add referral links to forum signatures. As reported some of the clients are seeing the potential on investing on our 112% after 7 days and some of the first day investors are on their way for the 2nd round earnings, while the 6% Daily remains to be the most profitable plans on the Success6 company.

24h trade changes the terms of minimum withdrawal amount to $5 and raises the maximum deposit amount to $10,000. The maximum total amount that can be handled right now is $100000, which means after reaching this amount the investment opportunity will be closed. The project is reported to be doing well enough with an average of about 1% return per day.

CryptoReturn listed at HYIPNews for 10 days announced that Neteller deposits are now accepted. To make a deposit, log in your account and go to "deposit" section. Choose investment plan and select "Neteller" as a payment method.

The team of ProGlobalTraders is working hard to strengthen the security features to protect current and potential investors. For the past 8 hours the additional Website Application Firewall has been applied, an additional security measure to prevent hackers from entering the system. Right now the website is back to normal functioning and the top priority remains to be the security features.

Bitmach company continues to move forward and develop rapidly! As promised earlier, tech staff have prepared and launched the website in two additional languages: Russian and Chinese. After analyzing visitor traffic it became clear there's a large number of investors who speak these languages. Certainly, the innovations are supposed to bring together the company with its customers and make their work with investment project more comfortable and clear. If you still have any questions feel free to contact the support in live chat or ask them via email.

Lucrative Venture monitored at HYIPNews for 18 days decides on the changes made, according to which any member who invests more than $1000 will get a bonus of 10%, able to be withdrawn instantly. As the amount increases the bonus will get increased as well.

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