Updated: 05/02/2016 11:53
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latest hyip news digest may 02 2016
News on new investment plan at BTC Hourly Payza update from BTCino investment plan closure at RixosFinance trading reports from InvestFond and Albion
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News on new investment plan at BTC Hourly Payza update from BTCino investment plan closure at RixosFinance trading reports from InvestFond and Albion Union

Here are some more news from the HYIPs online in the latest news digest at HYIPNews. The admin of BTC Hourly Hyip added to HYIPNews listing 15 days ago reported the launch of the new plan Special 2 plan offering the profit of 10900% After 24 Days + Principal Back. The plan is only available for 100 first investors, which makes it an ultra profitable, risky and limited-time offer.

Payza is now accepted by BTCino! The company got approval by Payza to start using their payment processor to process the payments and deposits on the official website! This is another great news prepared for the first week after the program's launch. You can add your Payza Email in your profile starting from now! FYI, BTCino is using a fully business verified account with Payza and it has prior website approval before the deposit button on the website was activated. Take advantage of all the payment processors accepted at BTCino: Payza, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Payeer and ADVcash. Also Bitcoin cryptocurrency is accepted. You can invest with confidence please remember every transaction is secured by the green bar EV SSL provided by GeoTrust. You can actually make deposits through any or through many of payment methods accepted.

RixosFinance informed of the premature closure of the Expressionism investment plan. As it's been claimed the expressionism plan has reached its limit and has been discontinued. All participants who joined this plan will get paid accordingly.

PayGet completes 30 days lifetime milestone. The team of the project thanks all investors and partners for the help in developing and supporting the program. Today there are more than 10K investors, $250K have been paid to the members. The program is represented all around the globe, which is a perfect result for the 30-days old HYIP.

The InvestFond Hyip taking the 2nd place in the HYIPNews listing is currently one of the most stable companies in the hyip investment market. At the end of the trading week the average profit factor was calculated, of 4.2. InvestFond's team of top financial experts provides around the clock secure investment opportunities. One more time the top priority of InvestFond management is emphasized, which is ensuring the security and safety of the clients' funds. Please remember, all InvestFond's clients' funds are held separately from the company's operational accounts.

Another trading report is published by Albion Union, taking the lead in HYIPNews listing. This week the experienced traders of Albion Union reached the average profit factor of 19.73%. As per request for all customers GUEST ACCESS to the company's FOREX trading account is provided. If you need it, please do not hesitate to contact the support of Albion Union.

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