Updated: 05/16/2016 17:19
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latest hyip news digest may 16 2016
Check the digest to know of Nano-11 investment strategies, Maindex accoutn reminder, Market7 milestones, Midapot financial strength, Cryptoinfinity
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Check the digest to know of Nano-11 investment strategies, Maindex accoutn reminder, Market7 milestones, Midapot financial strength, Cryptoinfinity growing

Here in the news digest below you may find the latest information from the hyips online concerning the performance, updates, stats, new features of the hyips currently running. For a start check the announce of the future of Nano-11 investment strategy. Due to an increase in popularity and good work of the company, the analysts were able to find new ways to improve investment strategy and form a stable platform for a period of at least 6 years without additional limitation. Nano-11 offers 12 investment plans divided into three groups with different payoff schedules. You can get a daily profit, a profit after maturity period or a profit after maturity period with daily compounding. The funds received from investors are spent on launching and developing innovation projects with a business component. The 500-day milestone is closer with every day and hence the team of the company intensified efforts to provide the clients with such informational possibilities.

The admin of Maindex warns some users were unable to complete withdrawal requests due to the lack of e-currency number in the profiles. Those who are missing withdrawals are recommended to login to their accounts and Edit them. The admin also informs the video presentation is to be published in the next days.

After a fortnight of online performance the team of The Market7 project managed to achieve the milestone of 1,600 members and $165,000 worth of active deposit. The admin reminds, The Market7 is a UK startup company started operating last May 1,2016. Reaching 14 days online means the first investors of The Market7 hyip are now in their 100% roi and going in their first set of net profits. There are even some of those who are in profit, the one who deposited in the Expiry plans. For those people who are waiting for STP the team is working hard to get the button approval to start accepting STP deposit instantly on your account. Stay tuned for more news from this HYIP particularly on adding STP.

The admin of Midapot shares the news on achieving important goals as the platform has grown greatly and the team gained great financial stability thanks to fundraising. Such financial strength has allowed the authorities of Midapot to enter into contracts with leading companies in leading sectors on the world stage, allowing the project to make long-term financial planning.

Cryptoinfinity keeps on growing into new functionality. As it's been earlier promised more languages have been added, this will surely simplify the process of getting the potential customers acquainted with the project. Russian and Chinese versions are already available for users. In the next few days Spanish version will be added as well. Apart from that the support of the project gets a large number of requests from those wishing to become regional representatives. For this reason, the process of consideration and approval of applications is extended in time. To facilitate the process and make it easier to apply for the position new features have been added to the personal user accounts - now you just have to fill an online form after login to send the required information. As usual, the consideration of applications can take several days, still, very often it takes much sooner.

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