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latest hyip news digest may 31 2016
Check the news about OWY performance, 30 days milestone of Mega Traders, regional representative program launch at Advanced Hash and Growth9 DDoS issue
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Check the news about OWY performance, 30 days milestone of Mega Traders, regional representative program launch at Advanced Hash and Growth9 DDoS issue

Check some latest news from HYIPs, particularly the update from OWY HYIP, reporting a sharp increase of amount of sale orders and massive withdrawal of funds which is more like a seasonal feature. So, in order to protect the interests of investors and to preserve the future dynamics, tha management of the project decided to adjust the asset prices. At the moment, the asset prices are stabilized at around 5% of ordinary prices. In the near future the asset prices will be smoothly and evenly returning to its normal values, by reducing withdrawal amount for the the whole system to keep the positive trend. At the same time the popularity of the platform and brand recognition are constantly growing. New participants are joining every day. Every day more and more active partners starting to promote OWY.

Mega Traders added to HYIPNews 6 days ago finally reached the 30-day milestone since the official launch. Over the course of this time the project has been growing and expanding, due to which lots of things were achieved. The number of registered users that made a deposit is rapidly growing with each passing day. And what's more important is that many of them were already successful at earning an income and felt the advantages of such an investment.

Advanced Hash informs of the extra way to earn daily income via the Regional Representatives program, the main concept of which is the same actually as for the regular program. The main difference though is that you can earn twice as much from it on all 3 levels - 10-4-2%. In order to become the Regional Representative of Advanced Hash you should be eligible for supporting and promoting the project in your region by means of organizing seminars, blog posts, videos, etc. Active deposit is not needed, and there are no hidden fees. Please

The Growth9 website has successfully completed its DNS propagation now everyone around the world can see and browse our company website after the DDoS attack. The hosting company successfully mitigated another attack 10 hours ago. After 2 days of operating online there are 134 members registered with almost 90% participation ratio. More Monitors are being added on the Rating Page. New Representative application link has been added to the members area. You can check it out if you want to apply for the company representative program. Live Support Group are working 12 hours daily based on UK time to provide instant solutions on customers' problems, while all support emails are processed and answered within 24 hours.

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