Updated: 06/13/2016 14:25
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sixspend advcash walletid withdrawal reminder
Learn about the AdvCash Wallet ID notification and withdrawal policy reminder from SixSpend HYIP
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Learn about the AdvCash Wallet ID notification and withdrawal policy reminder from SixSpend HYIP

The SixSpend HYIP delivers the newsletter to members concerning the AdvCash Wallet ID, also speaking about the withdrawal policy. The issue that some members were confused as to what their AdvCash wallet ID should be. The project has had some AdvCash pending withdrawals to the accounts with incorrect AdvCash Wallet ID. There's a notice saying the correct AdvCash wallet ID should be your AdvCash Login E-mail.

All pending withdrawals for now will be returned back to those who have set incorrect wallet ID. If anyone has such an issue please check whether you have set your correct wallet ID within your member area. Once your correct wallet ID has been set you can request your funds withdrawal and the payment should be processed instantly.

As for the reminder concerning the minimum amount to withdraw it's been set as equal to 1 USD for all payment processors, apart from Neteller, where the minimum amount to withdraw is $5 due to the transfer policy of the payment processor. Also withdrawals in Neteller are processed manually unlike the ones on other payment systems.

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