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Latest news about Crypto Genius referral contest OilContractors transparency Zoondo new investment plan, MacauCau Bitcoin deposits
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Latest news about Crypto Genius referral contest OilContractors transparency Zoondo new investment plan, MacauCau Bitcoin deposits

Take your time to read the latest news from the HYIPs online in the news digest at HYIPNews. First of all let us share the news from Crypto Genius listed at HYIPNews, the project, which is growing in a stable manner and the admin looks forward for the project to become one of top opportunities for the investors. While the project is growing the admin reminds about the referral contest, which is in place now. The admin is sorry about every investor who had an issue with different hyips in the past three weeks and assures there will no be troubles with Crypto Genius.

Here comes a short update from the OilContractors hyip saying about the transparency and honesty shown by the project. It is hard to say about these features speaking about HYIPs in general, so we are not sure OilContractors actually has anything to do with honesty, for it will close sooner or later.

The MacauCau hyip issues the news update trying to answer a very common question asked by the customers, what payment system can be used for making deposits. The answer is simple: Bitcoin is mainly used for making deposits along with Perfect Money, although the last one is mainly used by the members from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

MacauCau is mainly oriented at Bitcoin investors, still tries to suit large number of customers, providing the choice of payment systems. As the admin says, by using both systems one can speed up the search for a buyer/seller and as well make the flow of funds absolutely instant and fast.

The CEO of Zoondo Investments Aidan Walker reports of the special plan the business started with, according to the terms of which 3% Daily for the lifetime was offered. The plan was limited to 1000 deposits and by now 812 pieces were sold during the period of one month and a half. The customers are reminded to get in a hurry and benefit from the last 188 pieces. At the same time Mr. Walker tries to assure, when the current plan expires another attractive investment plan will be offered and the newsletter on the start of the new plan will be issued separately.

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