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kraken purchase clevercoin
Kraken makes the statement according to which it takes into possession of the CleverCoin platform since June 29
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Kraken makes the statement according to which it takes into possession of the CleverCoin platform since June 29

The Kraken cryptocurrency exchange took into possession of the Dutch platform CleverCoin. The transaction amount is not disclosed though. For Kraken it is not the first purchase of profile platforms this year. In January the California based company announced the purchase of the Coinsetter New York exchange, along with with Kraken took into possession of the Canadian CAVirtex. Similar to the issue with Coinsetter and CAVirtex, all CleverCoin services and clients accounts will be moved to the Kraken platform till June 29.

As it's been reported by Kraken CEO Jesse Powell the deal with CleverCoin in front of recent growth of the Bitcoin price and regulative questions, which became clearer means bright future for digital currencies. "...The acquisition of CleverCoin will empower Kraken with greater liquidity and a significantly expanded customer base in Europe, our flagship market..." says Powell.

At the same time CleverCoin founders Karsten Nilsen and Christian de Kok sell the business owned completely and won't become part of the Kraken team. Instead they will focus on the different business linked with the corporate IT solutions.

CleverCoin platform was founded in the beginning of 2014. If at the start the owners had ambitious plans to extend business all around Europe, in the future though they faced a series of problems including the technical issues with processing. In April 2016 the Dutch platform seized all transactions, further on informing they "found a solution", which should have been announced on June 28 - the date Kraken announced the purtchase of CleverCoin.

Let us also remind you in March this year Karsten informed of 200% greater increase of the registered accounts within just one month after the purchase of Coinsetter. Under the terms of the deal Kraken also took into possession of the special SECURICOIN technology developed by Coinsetter, which fits the bill of all the institutional investors. In particular this technology allows storing bitcoins in offline wallets, therewith securing the highest level of the funds security.

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