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latest hyip news digest july 19 2016
Check the news digest for the latest news from Bitcily Holding, Special Profit, Ssarini, BusinessAngels, Bitcily Holding and Bit Minister
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Check the news digest for the latest news from Bitcily Holding, Special Profit, Ssarini, BusinessAngels, Bitcily Holding and Bit Minister

Check some more news from the Hyips below. Special Profit adds additional referral bonus plan for the partners. According to its terms for the first 100 active referrals, you will receive $20 bonus when you have 20 referrals $50 bonus when you have 50 referrals and $100 bonus when you have 100 active referrals. In total one is supposed to receive $170 in bonuses in total for the first 100 active referrals. In case the number of active referrals exceeds 100 you get $50 for every next 50 active members. The bonus is added manually to partners' accounts upon contacting the support via e-mail. Please remember, this is additional bonus, regular 5-2% commission still remains.

The Ssarini shares latest news celebrating one month online performance. First of all the admin reports adding website versions in different languages. Currently the website of Ssarini works on Russian, English, Chinese and German. Soon two more will be added: Spanish and Vietnamese. Another news is adding the presentation clips pronounced by native speakers in different languages.

BusinessAngels announces opening official Skype Chat in English. The Chat can be accessed anytime by clicking the link in the "Contacts" section at the top of the mainpage.

Bitcily Holding has reached 20 days anniversary and 1000 investors joined. The admin claims the project is paying properly our payment requests instantly, 20+ monitors can prove the payment status of the hyip. All the payment processors the project is dealing with are working smoothly, so you can choose any of them or all of them, making deposits via different systems and receiving payments to the systems you had deposited from. After adding Russian to the site we one more language is planned to be added: either Portuguese or Spanish.

Bit Minister had gained attention of more than 30,000 active participants with the current financial turnover of 50,000 Bitcoins. This week, showing customer appreciation the profitable investment plan has been integrated which offers accrual of income of 9% daily (0.3750% per hour). Unlike other hourly plans the "Limited Edition" investment plan brings hourly income for a limited period of time – 7 calendar days since start of its work. After seven-days period the amount invested traditionally can be traditionally released using [Release] function in member's account. Also there is a limited bonus deposit amount of up to 1 Bitcoin made accessible for only 5,000 of these deposits (so-called units). Several deposits can be made from one account to increase your chances to win the prize.

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