Updated: 07/21/2016 20:14
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Learn about the reasons why big investors do not prefer to store fiat currency and how they use Bitcoin as the alternative investment tool
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Learn about the reasons why big investors do not prefer to store fiat currency and how they use Bitcoin as the alternative investment tool

People from all over the world have started to realize Central Banks is a curse, rather than a boom to the global economies, and their time left is slowly coming to an end because of new technologies and currencies. And hence people are starting to invest their funds into digital currencies, like Bitcoin, rather than parking them in fiat currencies. That has become possible first of all due to the Negative Interest Rate Policy as well as Zero Interest Rate Policy of the Central Banks, which in its turns can be a perfect explanation for the Bitcoin price to rise so high within this year in particular.

Major investors start to consider Central Banks cannot get away with all the monetary printing and are absolutely sure the more they print the more investors turn away from them changing their thoughts for digital currencies. Naturally, institutional investors are able to predict some future trends and naturally they are the largest group of Bitcoin buyers.

Jeremy Millar, Founder and Managing Partner at Ledger Partners in London, believes that people at hedge funds and family offices contribute 50% to 90% of the Bitcoin's current $6.4 billion market cap. At first lack of regulation scared lots of customers away from Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the entry of the Winklevoss brothers has given the whole industry an entrepreneurial boost after they founded the Bitcoin exchange Gemini. Even Chinese investors are now worried about their money in banks and naturally they are also switching to Bitcoin. There is lots of money stored in China and major part is stored and deposited in Bitcoin.

The main conclusion, which can be made after reading this piece of news is that owning fiat currencies for long-term is dangerous and risky. Finding alternative is a perfect solution and in that aspect Bitcoin has become a perfect alternative asset, which can be used for money storing. Well, of course, gold and silver are the best investments for the long-term considering the low-risk that they carry. Still Bitcoins are not that traditional, though its future looks bright. Keep in touch and watch for bitcoin together with HyipNews.

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