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Read latest update from Payza about SEO success of your business tips to follow to get on the line, also find out the security tips against cyber
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Read latest update from Payza about SEO success of your business tips to follow to get on the line, also find out the security tips against cyber criminals

Two new articles were published on the official Payza blog. They are different in terms of informative value, however their importance can hardly be overestimated. The first article is about how to increase the SEO score of your website, whether it's a trading platform or anything else, for getting more online visibility.

Payza experts have developed a strategy to make sure your online business can be easily found on the web. The details and complete article can be accessed on Payza official blog and here we shall dwell upon the main topics discussed.

From the beginning the author speaks of the SEO notion itself, its progress and development as years go by. Indeed several years ago it was piece of cake to get your website up in the search line, by simply including as many keywords as possible to the pages. Today this doesn't work. Today SEO is a complex set of best practices constantly changing and updating.

There further the authors speaks in details of the algorithms used by the search engines to provide searches for the customers. Basically, Google, Bing, etc. send robots all around the internet that "crawl" every website they can find. They pull all the data from these sites and, using a very large set of complex algorithms, attempt to identify which ones have the most valuable information for their users.

In general as time goes by search engines become smarter and their search algorithms more sophisticated, which is Payza offers some tips to get you on track not to let the website get lost in the web. Here they are in short: Update your website regularly; Understand your Audience; Use Analytics; Optimize your Site; Leverage Marketing and Social Media. The details on the tips and how to follow them you can find in the article on Payza official blog.

The second article published yesterday gives another set of tips on how to protect your business against cyber criminals. Here are the 7 tips to follow in short:

1] Familiarize yourself with the contracts you have with your financial institutions and other business partners
2] Create and maintain internal and customer-facing risk management policies and procedures
3] Learn as much as you can about how to avoid security risks
4] Always update your operating systems and web browsers
5] Get a good antivirus software, and keep it updated
6] Make use of security certifications and encryption technologies that help protect sensitive data
7] As a freelancer, protect yourself outside your home using VPN.

This is a short outlook. You can see more details on the importance of securing your business and explanation of the things to follow to keep your website safe in the official Payza blog updates.

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