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latest hyip news digest august 25 2016
Check the latest news from Club Trader, Goldempower, Heavensentbtc, RevCoin, Finivo, BitDeposit, Auxi Finance and Invest4earning both listed at hyipnews
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Check the latest news from Club Trader, Goldempower, Heavensentbtc, RevCoin, Finivo, BitDeposit, Auxi Finance and Invest4earning both listed at hyipnews

Club Trader reminds investors and passive members of that the terms of the plan for promoting "Tree Club Plan Autocompounding" wukk be changed and the investment will rise from 250 USD to 350 USD.

Goldempower completes five days online and reached the number of 43 active accounts registered, accumulating $4K. Although the entire amount only came from six active investors it won't stop the team of the project from improving and growing as the admin claims.

The admin of Heavensentbtc informs all profit is being processed and reminds in case due to any reasons your payment is pending or omitted it is highly recommended to contact the support. As of now the payments were sent to over 2856 accounts including perfectmoney, bitcoin and payeer. There is also a notice saying those who make deposit this week will get 200% instantly. This promo sounds like an attempt to attract customers and money deposits.

Invest4earning newly added to HyipNews informs the project currently accepts Perfectmoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and Advcash. If anyone wants to make a deposit manually with Bitcoin, just directly transfer your fund to the Bitcoin address 1MzkFQ73Mi7ozG5EnmY8HQFJH24QFMWX8z, then submit a deposit request. The deposit will approved shortly and the profit will be paid automatically.

RevCoin welcomes everyone onboard of the program launched on August 24. The admin claims he is here for long, bringing along own which will be instant exchanger. Before anyone joins the project one should realize some important points first:

1. 58 Days Contract
2. Monday to Friday Paying Days
3. 90% Monthly Sales
4. Start as low as $10
5. No need to mine to earn (Mining is just a free option)
6. Passive Income
7. Compounding feature available, You are not forced to reinvest / compound
8. Withdrawals are paid instantly? unless there was an issue with processor then it could take 24 to 48 hours
9. Family members and friends can signup on the same ip and computer but cannot signup under each others account.
10. Min Payout is $1 and No limit for the cashouts.

The admin of Finivo hyip is pleased to inform Internal Transfer has been enabled from recently. Members can now share and sell their account earnings to others for cash or a value.

BitDeposit is looking for regional representatives, who are interested in sharing their positive experience of cooperation with the project. To become a representative of BitDeposit you have to send a request to company's department of regional development by filling a small application form in your account. The options suits better for active BitDeposit investors, who know how to look for referrals and attract private capital. Once anyone becomes the regional representative he(she) gets extra income in a form of 10% commission from every deposit made through your affiliate link.

Auxi Finance listed at HyipNews for 9 days added the new feature, which is Shoutbox, located above the company certificated in home page. The main objective of this Shoutbox added is to discuss and chat with admin, thus it will increase admin-members communication.

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