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latest hyip news digest september 08 2016
Check the latest news from the hyips online such as FxINC, Bitaisal, Cloud9 Finance, Finivo Invest, Ethtrade, VivaBusiness
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Check the latest news from the hyips online such as FxINC, Bitaisal, Cloud9 Finance, Finivo Invest, Ethtrade, VivaBusiness

There are some big news today for the hyip investors, reading hyipnews. First of all the admin of FxINC listed as a Top Performer at HyipNews informs on completing the upgrade of the website with instant payout feature and AdvCash as the new payment option available. The new features have been added in terms of upgrading the website services, security, accessibility and other things. As for the instant payments please note, although from now on most of them are paid automatically, you may have to wait for BTC for some minutes as BTC requires 3 confirmations. The BTC processing at FxINC is automatic, however coinpayments will take it time to verify the payments. As for AdvCash everything seems to be done and tested, it is planned to be added on Monday.

Bitaisal has prepared a massive news update for the customers informing them from now on another online payment system is accepted: Neteller, which naturally can be used both for making deposits and withdrawals. The payments via Neteller are also instant, in case one has any questions, it is better to contact the support of the project for more information. Also due to numerous requests of the customers asking for the details on investing via Bitcoin the team of Bitaisal has prepared an informative step-by-step tutorial to guide the customers through investing process using Bitcoin. Please keep in mind this process is similar for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin Investment in Bitaisal. Here are the four steps to follow:

1) Login to your member account and select suitable investment plan and click on bitcoin and enter amount in usd term.
2) Now go forward with confirmation and you will be redirected to the coinpayment merchant account where you will find the invoice by giving login information.
3) You will know that the amount of deposit is converted to bitcoin term now and one unique bitcoin address is also provided to you. For each deposit there is temporary address to track bitcoin deposit from different members.
4) Send exact amount of bitcoin to the given bitcoin address and within 3 blockchain confirmation it will automatically display in your member area account.

Cloud9 Finance completes 15 days on the market and congratulates all members on achieving the milestone. As promised earlier the Facebook group of the company has been opened to promote the program in social networks. To access the Facebook group one should click the 'Facebook' image on the homepage.

Finivo Invest decides to extend the promo on ACTIVATION FEE for willing members of the project from now on till 00.00hrs 15th September, 2016.

Ethtrade translated the website into Portuguese, the language which is considered the official in ten countries and unites more than 200 million native speakers around the world. Also VivaBusiness added German language and this list will be extended soon.

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