Updated: 09/13/2016 17:07
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straits financial cooperates bitpay wb21
Straits Financial cooperates with BiтPay and WB21 to let customers fund accounts with Bitcoin deposits
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Straits Financial cooperates with BiтPay and WB21 to let customers fund accounts with Bitcoin deposits

Bitcoin can no longer be ignored as the form of payment. Lots of offline and online stores have already started to include Bitcoin as the alternative payment form along with the trditional one. Now the futures trading company Straits Financial LLC has decided to include Bitcoin as one of the payment options. Straits Financial LLC is the associated company of the Straits Financial Group.

After including the bitcoin payents Straits Financial LLC has become the first US futures trader to start accepting payments in digital currency. According to the reports the company has been cooperating with BitPay and WB21 e-bank to offer aternative form of payment via Bitcoin to the clients.

The new offer lets clients of Straits Financial to use Bitcoin in order to finance their trading account, converting it to fiat money on the go.

The clients of the platform can go on trading all derivatives and from the accounts funded via Bitcoin. The goods are concentrated on various markets, including agricultural products, energy products, precious and nonferrous metals and stock indexes.

There are different online trading and forex platforms which let members trade on Forex, CFD and stocks, using accounts funded with Bitcoin. Nevertheless, none of them is that large and powerful as Straits Financial Group, with the branch offices in four countries. American office of the company is a full-value member of multiple stock-exchanges, including the Chicago Board of Trade, CME Clearport, Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange.

Straits Financial is one of many dominant financial institutions, which moved towards Bitcoin. There are by now several stock index funds based on Bitcoin (ETFs), open for trading on major stock exchanges. Since the digital currency is getting more and more popular, Bitcoin will ultimately be a part of every known exchange and trading platform all around the world.

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