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latest hyip news digest october 11 2016
Learn the latest news from EmpireAdvertisement, Crypto Forever Ltd, Probitco, ForexParadise, Virtualtrust and TrueBit investment programs
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Learn the latest news from EmpireAdvertisement, Crypto Forever Ltd, Probitco, ForexParadise, Virtualtrust and TrueBit investment programs

There is an important update from EmpireAdvertisement. The admin announced now the withdrawal amount is 10 times more than the new deposits as about $2000 are withdrawn daily, while only $200 are deposited daily. That is a warning sign even despite th fact there are some external sources of income such as Google adsense and Forex revenue that bring around $350 each. The DEPOSIT STATISTIC on the homepage is wrong because of the hacker. Due to the reasons above admin of the program decides to decrease the daily interest rate to 1% instead of 2%.

The $2000 Contest has been announced by Crypto Forever Ltd. The winners are awarded for making Fanspage/Group Facebook And Video On Youtube, also for reviewing the program and attracting referrals.

ForexParadise announces the first International Forex Convention to be held in Hong Kong from November, 7 to November, 14. Convention will include seminars, workshops, film screening panels as well as various entertainment activities. The details can be found on the website. Every member with the active deposit of $10K and more receive invitations for a free trip, housing, catering and other expenses during the convention.

Probitco completes 2 weeks online. As of the the time the news was published there are near 1400 active investors, who deposited 194830.69 US Dollars. The update of payout proofs started on the website has been initiated and is now available for Perfect Money and Bitcoin payouts. In the nearest future there are plans to add new features to the investment program: Video Testimonials giving opportunity to share personal opinion about the program, Increased Referral Commission up to 15%. Currently the bonus is only 5%.

Virtualtrust celebrates 180 days online growing well satisfying investors with the performance. Due to the continuous support from the members the company is turning into one of the most stable and profitable programs right now. As a reward for loyal investors the new plan has been added to celebrate anniversary. 200% after 5 Days has just been added with only 360 units available, which means it is a time-limited offer. Minimum deposit: $300/Maximum deposit: $1,500. All payment are instant.

TrueBit started the regional representative program. As a Regional Representative, your 1st level referral commission would increase to 10%. Here are the representative requirements:
1. You have to invite not fewer than 5 active investors (they have to register using your link and create a deposit).
2. Amount of your deposit in one e-currency has to be no less than $100.
3. You have to have work experience in promoting investment companies.
4. It is recommended to have Skype, a phone number, an account on Facebook.

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