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latest hyip news digest october 13 2016
Imperial7 ddos attack, Bitcoin160 translated into Russian and Chinese, Hyip-A double interest, Profitdise server upgrade, Earning Hike 3 months online
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Imperial7 ddos attack, Bitcoin160 translated into Russian and Chinese, Hyip-A double interest, Profitdise server upgrade, Earning Hike 3 months online

We are sorry to say the website of Imperial7 has been suffering sever ddos attacks on Monday morning. Fortunately the team of the project could react quickly and proceed with the server change and now the website is back online on a new server. Unfortunately some accounts got compromised and account details got successfully changed allowing unauthorized withdrawals. Henceforth the admin of Imperial7 requests all customers to check the account details and to make sure nothing changed without owners' authorization. IT is strongly recommended not to make any withdrawal requests prior to verifying your account details. Anyone who has an issue with missing withdrawals or deposits is welcome to contact the support center.

There is also a notification about the scammer to promote unofficial investment plan. Please be aware, that investment plan 135% after 3 days is NOT official plan as it is not shown on Imperial7 webpage, therefore it is not official. Investing in this plan will make you send your money straight to a scammer.

From now on all Russian visitors and investors of Bitcoin160 may switch to Russian version of the site using language flag on the top of the site. More languages will be added shortly. Currently the Chinese translation is in process and recently enough another short newsletter was delivered saying the Chinese version has also been enabled.

The admin of Hyip-A listed at HyipNews for 59 days announced the program had started to double interest. Before the interest was rather small, and now it's more attractive, which is hopefully for the owners going to affect the project in a more positive way.

The Profitdise admin reported the server upgrade, which is about to be completed. WIthin the timeframe the upgrade has been in progress there could be some website downtime issues. Also the members by mistake have received double earning while server upgrade. Some of the members though may not be aware of the double earning issue, so the admin of the website decided to set all withdrawals as completed for it is not possible to check every member's stats on the website. Losing one day of earning the program will last one day longer though and this loss will be compensated.

Earning Hike listed at HyipNews celebrates it's 3 months online anniversary. There were many ups and downs during this period and hence the team of the program thanks every single member and monitoring sites including HyipNews for helping them grow into a reputable and stable project. The program is now more stable than it used to be three months ago and the admin looks forward to successful cooperation will every partner and member further on.

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