Updated: 11/01/2016 14:59
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latest hyip news digest november 01 2016
HyipNews is pleased to share the latest news from RightRise, TrueBit, Diversification Club, BitRobot as well as the update from Hexabit
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HyipNews is pleased to share the latest news from RightRise, TrueBit, Diversification Club, BitRobot as well as the update from Hexabit

RightRise informs adding another payment system Advanced Cash. It's been earlier decided this payment option would be next in the line to be added. In the nearest future all popular payment systems are planned to be added gradually. Telegram bot at RightRise has been fully configured as well. Customers may now receive notifications about the interest accrued, withdrawn funds, changed settings, new referrals registration, rewards got from referrals, etc. using the service. Also there are commands by which you can get the latest information at any time: present percentage, your current balance, time to charge and others. A full list of commands is available in the relevant section in the backoffice.

TrueBit has been online for one month and the admin is happy to bring some piece of good news to all of the clients. For now there are 1200+ active members in the project and growing. $230,000 have been deposited to the project. Highest investor level in one deposit has increased from first weeks $800 to now $5000 on one single investor. Besides, the growth of activity became more prominent thanks to the adding of new advertising websites. The first stage of the project development was quite successful and the situation is observed when old investors return and new investors are coming.

Diversification Club informs about the progress achieved after completing one month of online work. The program is claimed to demonstrate stable indicators of both growth of the volumes of investment, and increasing of number of the investors, who joined it. During the first month of work over $193K were deposited and the number of active investors amounted to 471 persons. Another milestone is completion of website localizations to Russian and German languages.

The best investors of the month were identified celebrating 31 days online of BitRobot performance. The first prize is awarded to the investor with the nickname Mak72 who made deposits in the amount of $ 1000 and 2,6 BTC. The second place is taken by the investor Patric200388, who made a deposit in the amount of $ 1033 and 0,15BTC. And the third place is taken by KSV1 with a deposit of $ 1030. As a gift deposits to the most profitable investment plan are added. In the first place - $ 300, second place - $ 200 and third place - $ 100.
The contest is going to be held on a monthly basis.

Hexabit informs on the issues of recent complaints regarding instant payments that took place recently. The admin assures the problem has been eliminated and all payments will be processed instantly from now on.

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