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latest hyip news digest december 13 2016
Take your time to read the latest hyipnews digest for the news from RightRise, Mexeer, Zinc7, Palmills and BitSea
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Take your time to read the latest hyipnews digest for the news from RightRise, Mexeer, Zinc7, Palmills and BitSea

Take your time to see the latest news from the hyips online. On Sunday, RightRise added another payment system. To be more exact it's not a payment system actually. is a bitcoin exchange used worldwide. Adding this one allows exchanging your Bitcoins to other currencies, which can be a useful tool for the RightRise investors.

The admin of Mexeer sends letter of notice to the leading partners and representatives of the project with the words of appreciation and gratitude for contributing to the geographical expansion of the company and promoting the idea of the new payment system. The admin assures any activity shown by representatives and partners will not go unnoticed and will be rewarded. Besides, Mexeer administration is always open for dialogs and interested in ideas for further promotion and development.

Zinc7 listed at HyipNews for 81 days emphasizes the benefits of the representative program and outlines the requirements to become one. In order to apply for the post of the regional representative of Zinc7 one should send e-mail with the following details: Username, Name, Email, Country and Website/blog link if any* directly to with a request to upgrade at a representative level for higher commission from normal 5% to upgraded 7% from 1st level direct affiliates investment and remaining level to follow with same 2% and 1% affiliate income.

The admin of Palmills informs of completing one month online performance paying 3.5% for 60 business days. The admin is also pleased to report Advanced Cash Payment System has been added to the project and in the future there are plans to add Payza as well.

The BitSea team lets members know that Chinese language has been successfully added. From now on is available in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese. Just click on the country flag at the top of every page and you will be able to surf the site in your preferred language. The functionality and usability of the website is yet to be improved so any feedback from the customers is appreciated.

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