Updated: 12/19/2016 17:58
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christmas offers warning
See some sample of Christmas special promo offers that may be extremely dangerous for investing especially during the Black December period
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See some sample of Christmas special promo offers that may be extremely dangerous for investing especially during the Black December period

Closer to Christmas lots of programs start to introduce new income opportunities, which claim to bring enormous profits to every new investor who decides to join the project during the festive period. The specific feature of the period called Black December in hyip investing industry is a great risk to get scammed and enormous number of ultra profitable income opportunities. The HyipNews team wants to draw your attention to some of this opportunities currently offered by the hyips online. Let us remind you, HyipNews is not related to any of the programs, promoted below, moreover, all information is provided for informational purposes, none of programs is recommended for investing directly.

So, Bit300 introduces the so-called XMAS TRIPLER Plan which will be closed by 12/22/2016 at 23:59 Hrs (GMT +00:00). There ar only 3 ddays left as the admin says to "...earn some bucks for this CHRISTMAS Week". Very much likely the program will keep on working after the plan expires and it's just a marketing trick, nothing else, still, we recommend you to be alert.

"Deposit $101 Today and GET $530 Instantly Back to Payment Processor." This is the festive Special XMAS promotion from FastPayForex. SOunds too good to be true, after all. It's more likely a scam offer.

MyInv celebrates the year with several(!) promotions. There is supposed and claimed to be some ad issue right before the Christmas and lots of other things are coming:

On 20th and 31th December the special "51%"-bonus on every new Deposit more than 500$ is offered. - looks like a trick to attract new investors.

100% bonus for the active Deposit Bitcion of more than $500 - looks like the program is lack of Bitcoins to pay the profits and hence make such a "generous" offer to new customers. Currently this hyip is not recommended for investing.

Some programs listed at HyipNews, such as HYIP-A are also offering some bonuses during the festive period. The offer from this one doesn't look that generous and only implies adding 20% deposit bonus on new deposits made today on Monday, December 19.

Alpafx launches the special Christmas Money Booster Plan, according to the terms of which starting December 12 and expiring on December 31 the special terms are offered: "...only for $1000 and return guaranteed back $5000 just within 1 hour..." Looks unreal and hardly they will manage to pay any profit to anyone, which is HyipNews recommends not to waste your time considering investment to this program.

This is just a list of some active offers. We are sure the number of "profitable" offers will rise as Christmas comes closer. The most dangerous period of the year is coming. Stay on guard and be extremely careful when adding new programs to your hyip investment portfolio. Remember to make due diligence and mind the increased risks.

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