Updated: 12/29/2016 15:23
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latest hyip news digest december 29 2016
News on BTCInv calculator update, Forex Heaven referral bonus growth, Elizion Razzleton adding Chinese, Mexeer, HugePM RightRise Christmas congratulations
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News on BTCInv calculator update, Forex Heaven referral bonus growth, Elizion Razzleton adding Chinese, Mexeer, HugePM RightRise Christmas congratulations

After and during the Christmas holidays things never stopped to develop and hyip programs issued newsletters and updated their sites. Here is the overview of the latest news from hyips online in the news digest from HyipNews. So the admin of Elizion hyip reports successful development and reaching the number of 1K+ investors from 27 countries, who deposited more than $100K in total. There've been more than 45 days of stable performance and new feature such as Chinese localization has been added to the Elizion platform. From today, Chinese native speakers, which is more than 1.3 billion people can take opportunity to get acquainted with the Elizion's investment platform using the Chinese language localization. In the nearest future more localizations will be added as the business grows stronger and the program keeps on developing.

Razzleton hyip adds Chinese language since it's the most widespread language in the world in response to increasing popularity of the program among Chinese people. Now all the information about our company and the latest news are available in Chinese. As of today one can choose between nine languages available: -English, -Russian, -German, -French, -Spanish, -Polish, -Portuguese, -Vietnamese, -Chinese.

Mexeer congratulates all members and partners sending warm greetings on Christmas and New Year holidays, mentioning good results of 2016 would have been impossible without the coordinated work of the entire team, without effort, support and initiatives of every customer. The admin also expresses sincere appreciation for the customers' dedication to the common goal, for the commitment to serve the interests of partners at first place.

RightRise also congratulates all customers and partners wishing Merry Christmas, happiness and financial prosperity in the year 2017.

HugePM listed at HyipNews for 60 days, taking the 18the place in the list wishes everyone happy and peaceful holidays as well as a prosperous New Year.

BTCInv updates profit calculator on the website. Now one should be able to calculate the exact amount of profit one can make with the investment platform even with large amounts.

For the benefit of respected clients Forex Heaven increases the referral commission from 8% to 10% on first level. Now you can directly get 10% on your downline's deposits immediately.

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