Updated: 02/08/2017 15:18
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latest hyip news digest february 08 2017
See the latest news from the hyips currently working in the hyip industry, Elizion, AgrarianBenefit, WhyNot, RightRise, Razzleton, Xabo and Weollee
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See the latest news from the hyips currently working in the hyip industry, Elizion, AgrarianBenefit, WhyNot, RightRise, Razzleton, Xabo and Weollee

We are pleased to present you with the latest news from hyip market. First of all let me share the news from Elizion, the admin of which reported of adding the online support to the website providing support both in English and Russian. As reported online consultants as fast as possible will provide complete feedback about your question, will help to understand the features of using of the Telegram bot & Web platform and to know other nuances in the company's work.

AgrarianBenefit added to HyipNews nearly a month ago completes 2 months online performance and to mark the milestone bonuses for posting feedback about the project are offered. Everyone is welcome to take part in lotteries, promotions and gifts to be offered ahead. So for everyone who made a deposit between 11:00 07.02.2017 and 11:00 08.02.2017 a bonus of +5.55% for Plan 1, + 4.44% for Plan 2, and +3.33% for Plan 3. was offered.

WhyNot hyip started weekly marathon on February 8. In the period from 08.02.17 to 15.02.17 partners with the sum of investments more than $300 are invited. Anyone who is eligible for joining the marathon should send login to the email marked "Weekly Marathon". All the winners will receive 10% of the deposit amount of the invited participants. The admin of the project also congraulates user Gainprofit on fulfilling all the conditions for getting a premium representative status and gaining improved affiliate reward to the tune of 15% of attracted investments amount.

Another language localization has been added at RightRise hyip. This time the admin of the RightRise reports adding Turkish language. More languages will be added in the future.

Razzleton opens the Telegram competition for the users. Right now you can get a nice bonus for making a deposit. To learn more, it i recommended to subscribe to the official Razzleton Telegram channel:

Xabo offers the new video animated tutorials, showing main information on how to sign up to the project, educating on what payments details and accounts are, teaching on how to earn with affiliate activity getting bonuses and rewards and finally showing how to invest with Xabo. The tutorials can be watched easily on the official Youtube Xabo channel.

Weollee added to HyipNews 18 days ago announced the giveaway contest to its cusstomers with the opportunity to win iPhone 7. The rules of the contest are as follows:
1. You must be an active mission user with more then $10 deposit.
2. You must follow Telegram channel.
3. You have to be subscribed on
4. You have to be subscribed to the Facebook group
5. You need to share this giveaway on Facebook a) Press 'Like' b) Share the post c) Make sure you post a comment using reflink.

The giveaway will last 7 days, from February 5th till February 12th. On February 12th at 08:00 PM (Moscow time) a winner will be determined by service.

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