Updated: 02/15/2017 10:32
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latest hyip news digest february 15 2017
See the latest news from the hyips currently working in the hyip industry, Razzleton, Agrarian Benefit, Elizion, SoftMining, CoinTransfer and WhyNot
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See the latest news from the hyips currently working in the hyip industry, Razzleton, Agrarian Benefit, Elizion, SoftMining, CoinTransfer and WhyNot

Today we are pleased to start the news digest with the latest update from Razzleton, who was officially recognized as the most rapidly developing investment company. In confirmation of this fact the video showing the history of the company's success has been added to the Youtube channel and informs of the most interesting facts and statistics about the company. There are also some good news one can learn about watching this video. The team of Razzleton really looks forward this is just a first step of its success though. As for other updates, Razzleton added Indonesian language bar and offered the 5% deposit bonus on Valentine's day.

Agrarian Benefit Sticky listed at HyipNews has introduced the Valentine's Day promotion congratulating all people celebrating. The competition is more aimed at attracting new members and special deposit terms were only valid for one day on February 14. The bonus was applied to the following amounts:
Deposit 111.11$ – 5.55% – Bonus 5.55$
Deposit 222.22$ – 7.77% – Bonus 17.26$
Deposit 555.55$ – 9.99% – Bonus 55.49$
Deposit 999.99$ – 11.11% – Bonus 111.09$
Deposit 1777.77$ – 12.22% – Bonus 217.24$
Deposit 4333.33$ – 13.33% – Bonus 577.63$
Deposit 8888.88$ – 15.55% – Bonus 1382.22$
Deposit 11111.11$ – 21.11% – Bonus 2345.55$
Deposit 15555.55$ – 27.77% – Bonus 4319.77$

For the amounts exceeding those listed above, the unique flexible % with a certain deposit period could discussed. If the deposit was different from the amount not listed above, the bonus was not credited.
Bonus funds hit the balance are available for withdrawal or reinvestment.

The Elizion company continues to overcome promptly and confidently the steps of development. Today one more step has been finished, which connected with receipt of registration documents in Hong Kong with which you can get acquainted on the website in the "Elizion LTD" section. It is not just a completion of a certain set of legal procedures. It is a new round of development of relationship with the Elizion partners worldwide from more than 50 countries.

There is a short piece of news from SoftMining program. The new payment gateway has been added. From now on AdvCash becomes available at SoftMining.

CoinTransfer at the same time also expands the list of accepted payment systems, integrating NixMoney, a powerful service with a transaction server capable of handling funds transfer within 0.4 seconds.

WhyNot announced the closure of the Weekly Marathon today on February 15. Lots of people could participate and arch some cash bonus. As reported all the winners have received 10% of the deposit amount of the invited participants! Also the manager of WhyNot congratulates the user Millioninvestor who fulfilled all the conditions that were necessary for getting a premium representative status and awarded him with the improved affiliate reward to the tune of 15% of attracted investments amount.

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